Primus will try to trap you


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Jan 15, 2003
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My Primus phone (a cheap Nokia) was stolen recently, so Primus sent me out a new SIM card. My one-year contract was up some time ago, so I'm on month-to-month. When the SIM card arrived, just before I called to have it activated, I noticed that on the paper accompanying the card it said "36-month contract". At first I thought little of this ("probably just a standard piece of paper", I thought), but while on the phone I asked the agent, and sure enough the bastards were going to try to lock me in for 36 months! For what? It's not like they had just sent me an iPhone 3GS for $29, or something like that. I had to argue with the agent for several minutes, until finally she went away to confirm my situation. Finally she returned and conceded that indeed I had been on a month-to-month contract and could continue on it.

Moral of the story: Primus will try to screw you if they get a chance.
Why are you with them? It doesn't seem like they even have redeeming phone plans.
Primus had an offer last year for new customers that gave them 25,000 Air Canada miles. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Sigh....
They used to have a $3 a month plan ($10 after fees), I think it came with 20 minutes a month. If the OP is on that legacy plan and has minimal use but needs a cell phone for emergencies, that isn't really a bad deal in Canada.
If you're using that little, prepaid is a much better deal.