Problems with DroidX


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Oct 14, 2006
I am on my third DroidX since April (my tenth phone since February damn you Blackberry Storm) the first one Verizon sent had a bad ESN, the second one I had lasted 3 months until the Gingerbread update made it constatnly loose its data concetion and overheating to the point that it blew out a charger. My third one I have had a little over two weeks and its doing a large amount of what the second one did and more. The speaker is unusable, it over heats but not just the back of the phone but the screen too I've never had a touchscreen phone where the screen gets hot before, even when I have full bars of service it will tell me I have no data connections, apps move ridicoulously slow my Ally didn't move that slow.

I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problems with there phone and if its worth it to even bother going through the hassael of getting a replacement one again or just wait and hope an update comes out?
I don't even know what to say....... I have had my DX for almost 2 years now without a single issue of the sort your experiencing of any kind. I must clairify that I am an Auto Mechanic by trade, and I keep it in my front pocket alot of the day, and it gets subjected to bumps, drops, sweat, dirt, 110+ degree temps in our shop this summer. (Kansas) I have always kept a good quality case on the phone at all times. I have never broken or even scratched the screen. (No screen protector) Its a damn good phone, Or - I have been really really lucky??? Should say No problems.... Until this latest OTA Gingerbread update. I had that OS on the phone for just over a week, and thats all I could take of it. It took a beautiful phone and made it a messed up POS. It was freezing up, dropping calls, not sending text messages, eating up the battery, and not able to send out calls, it even messed with the swype keyboard - made it all jurky and messed with the sensitivity of the screen. It would take multi touches of the space bar to get it to make a space? It would keep acting this way untill the phone was re-booted. Then It would act okay for a while (sometimes a day or two). It would eventually start acting like that again? So when I needed to make a call I would have to re-boot the phone. Good thing I didn't have an emergency!!! So this weekend I flashed 2.2.340 Froyo back on the phone, re-rooted it (Z4 Root), then used "SystemApp Freezer" to freeze the /system/app/BlurUpdater.apk. That will keep the OTA Gingerbread from pushing though again, and get rid of the Update warning message. Personally I like Froyo, it works fine. You can root it - it stays rooted. There are tons of Roms for it.
Do you think its possible that good old Verizon does stuff like this just to frustrate people into upgrading to a new phone. Just like automakers engineer things into their cars that make them expensive nightmares to reapir as they get older making it more attractive to just buy a new car - instead of fixing the old one?
So to actually answer your question... I would say that you should go and get one more referb. Put a good case on the phone. Keep your fingers crossed. Flash Froyo back on it. Root-it. Keep it away from heavy moisture. Don't leave it on top of the toilet while your taking a shower. Keep us posted.
How hot should my DX get? It seems that ever since gingerbread my Dx's have been getting extremly hot and sometimes when there just sitting there
Mine had no in call volume from the headset speaker or the speaker phone. I called Verizon they said it was a hardware issue if a factory reset did not fix it. So i had a like new refurb sent. Well guess what its not the hardware in call volume works when listening to voice mails on google voice and also when using yahoo voice. So now I have a dinged up "like new refurb" and have to send in my bought new phone witch is in much better shape than the one they sent me. I would say it is in good shape but like new is cutting it. Bottom line is next new phone I get is getting insurance so I get a new phone if I need it replaced, and no more Motorola's for me. Sorry had to get that out of the way, end of rant.

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Got a new battary and still am having the overheating problem and was basicly told oh well but the tech support person.
If your phone is getting hot, that probably means that some application is using a lot of CPU cycles. Most likely it is an app with some sort of problem.

Go into Settings -> Battery & data manager -> Battery Usage and see what's using too much battery. Either remove the app and reinstall it (might solve the problem) or find a different app to perform that function.

I'll bet that those with hot phones aren't getting very good battery life either.
My phone has always gotten hot, on Froyo it got hot to the point that I could not use it in the car dock with the sun hitting it or it would turn off after about 10 minutes. Since GB and the new roms that came out with GB its been way better but still gets hot for no good reason, just not near 50 degrees C lol. I've had many other phones and its the only one that's ever done it. I never returned it because I've been able to control it but I will admit that the DX can be very glitchy. In addition to getting hot mine will often not turn the screen off automatically and the LEDs in the buttons don't always come on requiring a reboot. It also has the speaker volume issue where it is hard to hear sometimes but damn if I don't still like the phone. I think I have just got used to it lol. Droid 3 is coming in on Friday though and this phone will be relegated to a backup in case my wife or myself break our new phones then we won't be down for the 1-2 days it takes to process and come in.