protection for env touch


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Aug 23, 2007
i was just wondering how you guys are protecting your env touches
and what your opinions are on the following protectors

zagg invisible shield
ghost armor

as you can see im looking more at the non-bulky, invisible protection for my env

i see a lot of articles on the internet on which are the best, but all of those reviews are for the iphone or the pre. the iphone and pre seem to be shaped more simply than the env touch, so i wanted to see which brands fit the env well also

unfortunately bestskinsever does not have a cover for the env touch, that is the brand i would buy if it did (only like 6 bucks)

also, any other suggestions for protection would be greatly appreciated
I have used 3-4 brands of invisible shield type products, including bestskinsever and zagg.. I find that zagg usually has the best fit, but the product itself is generally identical. I have another one that I got off ebay, it was like $15 for full body.. I've been meaning to install it, but haven't had a chance yet. Just from looking at it though, I think it looks like a quality product. It came in a retail package, like the kind that zagg makes and you see on the shelves at bestbuy.

When I get around to it, I'll be doing a little write up with pictures and stuff. Essentially, though, all of those products are the same.. the really cheap ones can sometimes have really bad cuts though.

I had an env one that I got for $5 for full body.. and it was crooked and didn't cover the keys properly..

BSE is what I prefer, but like you mentioned, they usually come late to the table with their products. Zagg tends to have new phones first, and the best fit.. but.. they're a bit pricey, though I have had them for 3-4 different devices.