Q: Which courier / Which repair facility for Nokia N86 8MP now for Rogers?

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Folks in the know,

I really want to know besides the usual FedEx, Purolator or UPS, which else Rogers Plus store uses to send out hardware for repair. And, besides the usual Flextronics, which else is the repair facility for Nokia N86 8MP?

Thank you.

I have seen the FedEx waybill in front of my own eyes there. Unless that particular *****y staff has decided to do something "extra" to undermine my request, otherwise I have no idea where they have sent my phone to and which courier has been used.

A correspondent at Flextronics replied me in the email AND on the phone they are NOT repairing N86 at their facility - yet it clearly printed on the Hardware Repair Request form. More strangely, the waybill number printed on the form is nothing like the usual format with FedEx. In the shipping company field, it is "Other". I have checked it against the tracking system at Purolator, UPS, DHL, TNT, Canada Post and returned no result.
The repair system for Rogers gives 2 choices, Nokia or Other. I used to tell my customers that Other meant Fedex...it is possible it was shipped Fedex and the rep simply typoed the number.

Granted but it still does not explain why Flextronics has no record of the IMEI of my N86 AND telling me they are not the repair facility for this Nokia model :confused:
Is Flextronics listed as the repair centre on your work order? If they are, then Flextronics absolutely has the IMEI in the "sales central" side of the repair...but they likely don't have the IMEI in their localized POS as they have not yet received the phone. Just because the IMEI is in the Rogers Repair Centre Database, doesn't mean Flex has it (due to misshipping).

The next course of action is for someone to escalate the situation to the repair program email for Rogers so that they can email ALL repair centres in Canada to see if they have the IMEI sitting in the warehouse by accident. The warehouse will not be proactive about this until Rogers H/O emails them. I think its called the quarantine or something (where they keep incorrect phones until contacted).

Absolutely printed "NOKIA - FLEXTRONICS" on the form and I remember the FedEx waybill has Flextronics name imprinted. Meanwhile, I have called in the store on Monday and the staff told me on their screen, it shows "waiting for parts". I hope it is not something imaginary or someone left it in the warehouse.

Thank you for further explanation to the scenario.

Flextronics does not know what they are saying! My store has been having an extremely horrible time with repairs being sent to Flextronics (Nokia's and Blackberry's) where they take almost a month or more to complete a simple repair or they deny even having the phone in their repair facilities when they do in-fact have it. For instance, when you try to call their toll-free number for their repair centre to inquire about your repair status, the service representative who answers is actually located in the Phillipines and has no clue what is going on. Trust me it's SOOOOOOO frustrating when we need to investigate a customers repair request.

What I suggest you do is to get the Manager of the store to investigate your repair and to pressure the right channels to find out where your phone is and why it has taken so long. There is this one email from Nokia - Flextronics where you can email and the person will actually respond to you pretty soon but I cannot remember the email at the moment.

Repair facilities are a joke right now with their lack of status updates and their unwillingness to help us (dealers) out...

Good luck with your phone!

Greetings. Thank you for your input.

Like I have mentioned before, I did receive an email back from a Flextronics correspondence and have talked to her in Newmarket on the phone - very unlikely with an outsourced call centre this time. I have done a little data mining on the personnel whom I have been in contact with thus far. Just that like you and several others in the know have reaffirmed how incompetent sometimes Flextronics, as an organization, can be.

It is actually not the first time I have frustrated experience with Flextronics, even back in the days with Solectron before the acquisition. Only this time, I have got a tracking number that does not track, an IMEI that is not in the record of the repair facility and they are clueless about the repair status. I think it is still early to ask the manager at that particular Rogers Plus location for further investigation because 10 business days have yet to be lapsed.
HC No I,
The person that I had corresponded with at head office, was THE person that store managers would go to for any issues, up until last week. Now someone else has that role. Have the store manager @ the store take accountability, and email the proper channel @ RCI to have your situation escalated formally.
Yeah if it hasn't been the full 10 business days yet I wouldn't grill the store manager as he/she will just tell you it hasn't eclipse the full allotted time. But based on what you have mentioned so far, it sounds like even after 10 business days you're still not going to receive your phone back repaired on time. That's Flextronics for you... giving sub-par service and not giving a crap about it...
cerebral / WorldIRC,

Just gives you two an update... I called the Rogers Plus store Monday night and tell the person who picked up my call about the story. Apparently he was far more patient and would go over distance to do some checking on the paper works physically. He was also quite attentive to update my contact information, (the stupid ***** did not even bother, just left the daytime generic contact number 444-444-4444 in there!) Apparently, someone has messed up with the shipping tracking number right from the beginning.

One good sign is that Flextronics has finally got my N86 on the record, and I am able to track it in the system. They received it on 2010-09-24 and the status has changed from "received", "under evaluation for repair" to "repair in progress".