(Question) How to "unstack" calls in incoming call log


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Jun 15, 2008
HTC Touch Vogue
First, I guess, my system setup. Just bought a new phone, and the old one (original HTC Touch, WinMo 6.1) had a setting for this but I can't seem to find a corresponding setting in the new phone, phone being the only thing changed.

HTC Touch Pro 2 (purchased with WM6.5 already installed). It's a new (to me) phone, so I don't know that much about it yet.

What I want is, if someone calls me half a dozen times in a row (or I miss half a dozen calls in a row from the same number), I'd like to see that reflected in my call log. In WinMo6.1, I remember it being a difficult-to-find setting (which I can no longer seem to find). Oddly enough, outgoing calls are already "unstacked", so if I call the same number 5 times, I get 5 entries in the call log.

I need this cuz sometimes when someone calls (or tries) that many times, it's cuz there's an emergency...and I would return their call first, even if they weren't the first person to call me.
I don't have my WinMo device with me right now and I actually used Mobil Shell 3 for mu user interfance (Not standard Windows or TouchFlo) But if I'm not mistaken, just hit one of the menu options whil in call log and there should be an option to show/hide duplicates.

I can double check when I get home if you still need help