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Sep 17, 2011
****Edited to show resolution inline****

I have a VM Optimus V smartphone activated through Virgin Mobile, using Android 2.2.

I initially set the phone up with a gmail account. Later, I needed a new gmail email account, so I added that.

Now, the phone has two gmail accounts.

I want to remove the initial gmail account from the phone, so it only knows about the second gmail account.

I tried changing the password on the first gmail account so the phone can't access it, but for one thing, the Maps application constantly stalls.

Settings | Auto-Sync, Manage Accounts, I click the "bad" gmail account, and click Remove Account.

The "Remove Account" dialog states "This account is required by some apps. You can only remove it by resetting the phone to factory defaults (which deletes all personal data). You do that in the Settings application, under Privacy."

I really don't want to reset the phone. But if I have to, will:
1. I have to reactivate the phone with the carrier? **update: No re-activation necessary after reset
2. If I reactivate, will a new phone number be potentially assigned? (don't want that!) **update: No.
3. What other negative side effects happen? **Update: only minor.

Thanks so much.
I hope this is appx the correct forum for this question.

*****Additional Update Info*****
Manual is unclear on whether a reset to factory settings necessitates a re-activation, but it does not. Note that anything on the SD card is unaffected AFAIK. I called Customer support to clarify. Besides a minor communication difficulty (with the Phillipines?), my questions were answered.
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