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Check out the sweet package i scored. you know you wannnnnt it.
Just wanted to chime in here and list what I got since the old retentions thread was closed and a plan someone listed there was a good template for what I was looking for, mind you I didn't go in with the mindset of low balling the crap out of them so I know there is better out there but I'm still quite content. :)

Pretty much I dialed in to *611 one morning that I had time to waste with the phone rep asking for competitive pricing options because my contract ends in Jan 2011. I let her do her convo outline going through plans etc. while taking note the flaws of each. I then asked if I could get to retentions but she politely denied the request because she said she'd need a valid reason to have her manager approve the transfer.

So I quickly went through the plans that she listed for me and compared it to what fido was offering and how it wasn't competitive at all, listing specific reason why it wasn't competitive. 2min later I was being transferred to retentions :D

I gave the retentions rep a quick overview of what I've talked about and she went about her way. At first she offered:

250 daytime minutes
Unlimited evenings & weekends after 6pm
2500 Text, VM, Caller ID
Unlimited Incoming
100 Long Distance Canada wide.

I then asked how much it would cost to add rogers2rogers, and she threw it in there for free. And even better was when she went to apply the update it denied the rogers2rogers and kept my free network calling instead. :D

The final deal I got was:

250 daytime minutes
Unlimited evenings & weekends after 6pm
2500 Text, VM, Caller ID
Free Rogers network calling
Unlimited Incoming
100 Long Distance Canada wide

+ $25-$5
500mb data plan when I can get my hands on the iphone :)

I don't know the exact numbers for cost yet (ie. tax, fees, etc.) because I just got this last week but once my bill comes in I'll try to update if i remember. Again this obviously isn't the lowest plan possible but I was happy about it :)
New thread, yay! For reference, here's what I got last month from retentions:

250 minutes + Unlimited E/WE from 6pm + 100 bonus minutes (so 350 total)
100 Long Distance minutes
Voicemal/Caller ID/2500 sent text messages
6GB data plan

total= 55$ + GRRF + taxes

Not a great deal, but decent I think. Voice is 25$ after credits, and data is 30$ with no credits.
Copy from the old thread:

Line 1:
$ 50 – 500 DT mins, 6pm eve/wkend, no SAF/911
$ 30 – 6GB Data
$ 10 – Retention VP
- $ 15 – Plan Credit
- $ 10 – Plan Credit
- $ 5 – Fee Discount
- $ 10 – Data Discount

100 Bonus minutes
100 CAD LD minutes

Total: $ 50 + HST

Line 2:
$ 20 – Pool Line 1 minutes
$ 30 – 6GB Data
$ 10 – Retention VP
- $ 15 – Plan Credit
- $ 5 – Fee Discount
- $ 10 – Data Discount

100 Bonus minutes
100 CAD LD minutes

Total: $ 30 + HST
Details of my plan, when I signed up as new customer in August 2010:
$30 - 150 minutes (100+50), 6 pm Early Evenings, My5 Local
$30 -Smartphone 6 gigs data (iPhone)
Available but not taken: Call Manager, Call Forwarding, Who Called
= $60 total
+ fake governement fee.
+ taxes

Details of my plan, after 1 month:
$30 - 150 minutes (100+50), 6 pm Early Evenings, My5 Local
$30 -Smartphone 6 gigs data (iPhone) + APN3CON ($0 add-on APN3-Blackberry.Net W/GPRS)
$0 - Retention Value Pack - CID, VM10, 2500 text sent, unlimited texts received ($10 - $10 general monthly plan to credit it)
$0 - 1000 CAN LD ($10 - Feature credit)
$0 - On-Line Detail Billing
$0 - WhoCalled
Available but not taken: Call Manager, Call Forwarding
= $60 total
+ fake government fee.
+ taxes
6 months of unlimited calling

I got value pack + $10 general monthly plan in 1 call talking about lack of CID and texts in my plan.
I got 1000 LD feature credit in 1 call about complaining about not calling my family.

I got nothing in +- 5-6 calls where I was asking about a lower voice plan (was told it did not exist, then told I did not qualify before 6 months) or a credit on data (it was like I asked for something unheard of).
Well, after resting on my 5 year old retention plan, I finally gave it a go again with good results.

I simply called explaining I felt I was not coming close to using all the minutes I had and was looking to save money. I was averaging 200 daytime minutes out of a 700 minutes pool since I added R2R and Free incoming.

I lucked out and spoke with a very understanding and capable rep.

Old Plan:

  • 700 minutes daytime
  • Free E/W from 6PM - 8AM
  • Free incoming
  • Free Rogers to Rogers
  • 1000 Canadian L/D
  • 6GB Data
  • $20 iPhone Value Pack (CID / VVM / Unlimited SMS/MMS)

$116 Tax included

New & improved plan (by improved I mean cheaper!):

  • Removed MMS and down to 2500 SMS only (I don't use MMS)
  • Changed 1000 L/D to 100 L/D ( I don't do much L/D)
  • Removed Visual V/M but kept Standard V/M
  • Everything else stayed the same.
$73.37 Tax included

* If I wanted the VVM back it would add $10 pretax.
** He was able to credit the SAF for one-year at a time so he said I need to call each year to have them credit it again. Noted in system.

I got what I was looking for without having to lower my minutes which I was prepared to do.

Total annual savings: $511.56

Good luck all.
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Haven't changed my plan in a while but here's what I got thanks to the advice of members here:

$50 - Unlimited Anytime
$30 - 6GB + APN3CON
$15 - Smartphone Value (10kSMS/2500SMS/Enhanced VM/CID/name disp)
$5 - 1000 Can LD
$3 - 2500 Call Forwarding/Transfer
$0 - Tethering Access
-$10 Data Discount
-$15 Monthly Plan Credit
-$5.50 Better Choice Bundles Discount
-$3 Call Forwarding/Transfer Credit
$69.50 + HST + $2.58 Gov't Fee.......
Hey guys, I got deals from retention few days ago, and here is what I got.

Line 1

$ 50 200 day time + 100 bonus minute
Unlimited evening and weekend after 6pm
500mb data
My10 canada wide
$10 Value pack (caller I'd, VM, 2500 txt)
$10 Incoming calls free
$5 Rogers to rogers calling Free
100 long distance minute

-$10 monthly plan credit
-$10 credit for incoming calls opt
-$15 credit for addons
-$5 credit for rogers to rogers

Total $35 + government fee + HST

Line 2

same voice + data plan as line 1

$5 rogers to rogers
$10 value pack (caller I'd, VM, 2500 txt)
100 Long distance mins

-$ 5 credit for r2r
-$ 10 credit for vp
-$ 10 monthly plan credit

Total $40 + government fee + HST

What u guys think?
This is what I got...

- 200 daytime
- 6pm and evenings and weekends
- unlimited incoming calls (monthly credit of $10 for duration of contract)

- Unlimited Local and LD network calling

- 1000 LD minutes anywhere in Canada

- Old iPhone value plan which is 500 MB, CD, VVM, 10 000 SMS

For a total of $57.50 plus taxes and fees.
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Hey everybody, I'm actually new to Rogers after 12 years with Telus. What I did was take over the contract of somebody who was leaving for overseas for an extended period of time. She had like 10 years with Rogers but a terrible plan. I negotiated the following before taking responsibility of the account:

$35 Unlimited Local Calling Plan
$30 6GB - $10 discount
$10 VP (2500 texts/VM/CID)
$5 100 mins ld - $5.00 discount

Total: $67 + tax

I'm paying just as I would have at Telus and I never have to worry about overages again! Rogers FTW!
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Just got off the phone with retention and got the 10 dollars data credit for 6gig data:

My plan: 17.50 + 10 + 30 - 15 - 10 = 32.50 + 2.58 + tax = 40.25

200 daytime minutes
Unlimited evening and weekend at 6pm
Unlimited network calling
2500 text messages
Caller id and voice mail
6 gig of data

I think this is the plan I ultimately wanted, will not bother retention for a while. I almost felt bad to keep on asking for credit.
I just got the following:

300 daytime minutes
Unlimited evenings & weekends after 6pm
2500 Text, VM, Caller ID
Unlimited Incoming
Unlimited Network Calling
Unlimited My 5
1000 Long Distance Canada wide.

Total: $30.08 + tax
500 Daytime minutes
unlimited incoming
Evenings and weekends starting at 6 pm
Call Display w/ name display
Visual Voicemail
Unlimited messages (sms, video, mms)
Call manager
1000 ld minutes
rogers to rogers
6 gb data
all that for 47.50+tax
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200 DT Minutes
Evenings @ 6pm
Ult. Rogers2Rogers
Visual VM
100 LD Minutes
6GB Data

$55.08 + tax
400 Minutes
100 Bonus Minutes (Expires in 3 Years) - $0 (Worth $10)
E/W @ 6 (Expires in 3 Years) - $0 (Worth $7)
Unlimited Nationwide Network Calling - $5 (Worth $15)
1000 Canadian Long Distance Minutes - $5 (Worth $15)
500MB BlackBerry Data
Call Display, Enhanced Voicemail, 2500 SMS - $10 (Worth $15)
Call Forwarding 2500 Minutes
Call Manager

Reoccurring MSF Credit - $15 / month for 3 Years.

Total Discounts / Discount Worth is $50 / month when you factor in the discounted cost of the features plus the $15 credit on the account.

Total Cost for everything is $57.58 + tax.
When I phoned to upgrade I was told flat out I didn't qualify cause I didn't pay enough per month. Corporate voice and data must equal $55 before add-ons and tax, residential accounts must equal $45. So after being a Rogers customer for 8+ years, I threatened to cancel all my services and was immediately put thru to Retentions. So here is what I got for one of my two lines:

iPhone 4 32gb for $269. + $15. admin fee

200 Daytime minutes, unlimited evenings after 6pm and unlimited weekends
unlimited incoming calls
2500 Text Messaging
6 gb data plan

for $50.08 + tax per month.

It's pretty decent. It has everything I need and use. I have seen others with better, but seeing I got new customer or upgrade eligible pricing I was happy with what I was offered. Only $7 more than I had been paying for Corp. Voice plus UMB.
$20 250 + 100 bonus weekday minutes

$5 6PM Evening Option
$30 BB Data Value Pack
- 500 MB Data
- Caller Id
- Voice Mail
- 10000 Sent Texts
- 2500 MMS

$10 Free Incoming option
$5 Rogers to Rogers

$10 Credit
$5 Credit
$10 (incoming Credit)
$5 (R2R Credit)

SAF waived for a year

Total $40 + Tax

Got a bold 9700 for $99 + $35 Administration fee
This is my plan I got last month.
$45 1500/Unlimited Eve/Wkds Plan (carry over retention plan from 2-3 years ago)
$30 6GB data plan
$8 Call Display
$2 Name Display
$7 Voicemail
($15) Monthly Plan credit
($10) Data plan credit
($8) call display credit
($5) Name Display credit
($7) Voicemail credit
($6.95) SAF credit
+ .75 (911) = $47.75 before tax

Includes 100 send text & unlimited incoming (Good enough for me, only send like 20 text per month)
Also 100 LD minutes (Good enough for me, make only a few LD calls once in a while)

This plan fits my requirements as I usually do around 1100 to 1200 minutes per month. It's nice because it's basically unlimited, never worried about going over my minutes.

Now if only I can find an iPhone 4 somewhere.....
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