Rogers incompetence on parade

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Mar 16, 2010
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hi all-

I've mentioned previously about my preorder for the LG Optimus G back in October/November and I've been through the wringer since, but here's the highlights:

mid-Nov - AT&T E970 is released, available non-contract on Amazon. My E971 preorder from Rogers still MIA. I order an E970, it is shipped to Canada and delivered in TWO DAYS. Rogers still sitting with thumbs up their asses.

Nov. 27 - 2 weeks later, my Rogers E971 finally arrives at local dealer. I pick it up, confirm it has no SD-card slot and promptly return it Dec. 3 after 1 test phone call. Dealer confirms receipt, issues me return invoice.

And then the fun begins..

Rogers doesn't receive the phone back, or at least doesn't credit my account and remove my term renewal (I'm non-contract since I haven't had a HUP phone for 5 years) up to Christmas. I call them several times to confirm. I go away for 3 weeks on vacation out of the country with my SIM card disconnected. On returning in January, I discover they've suspended my account for non-payment for the HUP phone. I call Credit Operations, explain the situation and they reactivate my phone.. and slap me with a reactivation fee. They STILL don't have the phone. I call the dealer. I call Rogers. multiple different Rogers reps tell me (literally) that it is my responsibility to ensure the dealer credited my account for the phone.

WTF. It's my job as the customer to do your jobs for you?

So I spend over 7 hours on the phone, multiple trips to the vendor and we have no resolution. I still have the same receipt the vendor issued me Dec. 3 showing I returned the phone yet noone at Rogers will accept this as valid proof that the phone is no longer my responsibility. I send a complaint to the OOP on Feb. 1. The vendor's general manager finally gets involved on Saturday and suddenly the **** hits the fan somewhere - Feb. 3 I get a call from Rogers' distribution account rep and Rogers AB Dealer Manager. And 24 hours later, SURPRISE! the phone turns up in a Rogers warehouse and they credit back the fees and interest charges along with a $100 credit 'apology for the disruption in your service'.. :p

And now, a full WEEK later.. the Office of the President calls back regarding my case. I told her straight out that Rogers reps obfuscated, lied and refused to take any responsibility to resolve the case, repeatedly telling me it was MY responsibility to do their job for them. I told her it was outrageous that this issue literally took TWO MONTHS to resolve, while Rogers disabled my account TWICE in this time even though I called to dispute the charges and that frankly, a $100 credit for the disruption and time wasted was an insult - "What Rogers is saying to me is that my wasted time and service outage are worth less than you pay your own employees per hour to inflict these problems on me."

So I'm taking my $100 credit, and telling them to **** off after being a customer for 16 years, this is the final straw. Anyone know if I can get Telus or Bell to match an existing Rogers plan?

After rebates and such, I'm paying $67/mo. + tax for 450 anytime Canada-wide, free evenings & weekends, unlimited text, call display, enhanced voicemail and 6Gb data. If Telus or Bell can match or offer something similar with 10Gb data, I'm there tomorrow.
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I got burned too. Mr RogersMahmood PM'd me about the issue I had(or still have), I responded 3 times with no response. WOW these Rogers useless social media team members are doing a hell of a job to keep us happy.
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Complain to CCTS. This is the only way to get Rogers get off there a**es. Once I did it, I got someone semi-decent from the OOP and they 'resolved' (well, did whaetver they felt like, not really resoved it). But I am happy with that. ROgers is full of excuses and lies and they told me that it is impossible to enter the expired codes while all of us here know that it is a lie. But 'Rogers kknows better as the rep works there'.