S20 battery life: Apps draining power?


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My wife's S20 5G seems to be getting poor battery life. If it isn't charged at the end of the day it will be dead by morning. I suspect some of the many apps she's loaded are to blame but I don't know where to point the finger. When I go into the Battery tab in Settings it says everything is fine. I don't see a diagnostic tab for which apps are using the most power. Can someone point me to a way to determine which apps are draining the battery on her Samsung? Thanks!
When the phone is not in use, she can turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to conserve battery power. Those items constantly drain (albeit slowly) the battery when turned on. How long has she had the phone?

I bought my S21 5G in Spring 2021 and I do not have an unusual battery drain. Typically, most cell phone batteries have an effective life of about 2-3 years before there is a diminishment of power. This is not unusual. Although most consumers don't change batteries on their phones, primarily due to the fact that they are not easily consumer serviceable, you can always purchase/have installed a replacement battery from a cell phone service location.
I may have found the issue. When I opened Firefox, down at the bottom where is shows the number of tabs that are open, it just showed a sideways eight [∞]. I tried closing them one-by-one and gave up and hit the "Close all tabs" button. We'll see if this makes any difference.
Update: It now runs about 19 hours before needing a recharge. I found where the apps' battery usage is listed. The issue as I see it is that the Facebook app (which I won't have on my phone) eats about 10X the battery of any other app on the phone.