Verizon Samsung Intesity u450 bootblock (quick fix and how to access question)


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Jan 12, 2011
Sorry if this has been addressed I did do a search for most of the u450 stuff and bootblock. My question is below.

For anyone who is getting a black screen that shows:
USB Download Mode

Bootblock Version :

The quick fix is to remove the battery and re-insert it.

My question is how does one access the bootblock mode, and has anyone come up with a fix so you can't access it while its in your pocket? I can do it at will and used to know the key sequence. If yo know the key sequence please pass it on.

Samsung is useless, clueless, and I am pretty sure could care less about the issue. They haven't even fixed the hold the zero key to unlock the keypad and passed that bug onto the Intensity II, u460. I am pretty sure that is the starting point of the problem.