Scammer: Kthompson04

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Oct 31, 2007
User: Kthompson04
Kthompson04: 1779630-Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-S3-White-Rogers-BNIB

I paid $425 via EMT for the following phone on 10/17/2012 and was told I’d get a tracking the next day.

Upon accepting the funds I have not heard from the seller since, he has been not responding to my emails. Users email:

Against my better judgement I only asked for an address, didn’t request for a phone number or verify any of the feedback/address. Worse, I chose to conduct payment via EMT instead of PayPal or something with buyer protection.

Kendall Thompson
14662 Deer Ridge Dr SE
Calgary, AB
T2J 6Z3

Upon looking up this information I found that there was no number or residence that could be found via canada411 and

When I Googled it I found a house for sale listing of which neither any of the numbers turned up anything.

After reviewing the feedback this user received I realised that the two users had not been active on the forum since leaving the feedback, have only one rating from Kthompson04 and all have low post counts.

I'm not new to online purchasing but I let the simplest scam get to me, I'm out $425 and I have nobody but myself to blame, it's like they say, it's too good to be true.

I'm doubtful that this user will resurface using the same account on HoFo or any chance of this being resolved. He has probably made several ghost accounts to setup for future scams and would be using different IP addresses to mask that.
No IP match with anymore, but yes, feedback from unactve memebers is very suspicous. You should check that out before the transaction, that could saved you $425.

I will issue a temp ban, and see if he response.
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I received a response, he's giving me the runaround and saying he's in BC, obviously using a proxy of some sort. He has also chosen not to receive private messages anymore.

Yes losing money is bad, I'm just more upset at myself for jumping into this without checking everything out being that I'm not new to online transactions.

I am so sorry for communication disconnect. Yes I have shipped the S3. I am emailing you from Whistler, BC because I thought you might be looking for me. I had to take off urgently unexpectedly, but I promise the phone is on its way to you. I will try to get you tracking number soon but it is the weekend now so there will be no delivery. You will receive it soon so please don't worry. I will email you soon if I can try to get the tracking number information from my home communicated to me. Thanks! and Sorry again.
Sounds like he is just dragging out and soon he will be out of communication again. He always chose to claim that he is in a city where most HOFO members doesn't reside.

His ban will remain as it is unless you receive what you paid for.
I receive another scam complain about him which is not a good sign at all.

I want to move this entire thread to public if that's alright with you.
Yup, you can go right ahead and publicize the thread.

I suspect he's been logging on the whole time to try and lure more people into sending him money.