[SOLD] Sellilng: $40 of WIND Mobile Pay Before Top up Credit/Airtime Balance Transfer/$35

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Nov 25, 2006
I'm am selling $40 worth of Wind Mobile (Canada) Pay Before/Pay Your Way airtime balance credit through Wind-to-Wind balance transfer. This credit would normally cost $45.20 (including Ontario tax) but I am selling for $35. You save more than $10!

Please note that this $40 balance does NOT extend any existing Pay Your Way balance expiry dates. Also, this Wind credit is only good for PAY BEFORE accounts. It can be used to pay for anything that you normally get charged for on your Pay Before account, including regular monthly fees.

You will need to provide your Wind phone number to me so that I can transfer the $40 to your Wind Pay Before account.

The transaction will take place electronically (you pay and I transfer the Wind credit to your account). Payment by Paypal or Interac e-mall transfer only.

Please send me a message if interested.
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