sharp 903sh games in huf format


Oct 10, 2006
!!SHARP SH0902c White
Hi everyone. I'm revisiting my 903sh this year before they cancel 3g in Australia. Anyone know or have some .huf games . All links are dead . Would be awesome if someone out there has the files still. And was also wondering if anyone has firmware files too ?

What OS does the phone run? Brew MP? Java? I've been trying to get games running on my LG env3 for the past year now, and I still can't seem to figure it out. I'm sure there are plenty of games for your phone on the net but even if you did find games, chances are high that whatever proprietary OS it has won't allow you to sideload games like what you'd normally do on Android. For IOS, there's 3Utools. For Android, you can just use File Manager but for things like this, it's much harder. If your phone is running Brew MP and you have an old Windows XP computer lying around, you could try BitPim.
Ok, I just found out. The phone seems to be running JAVA OS, which I don't have a lot of experience with, but here's a site with some games for Java. You'll have to find out how to sideload them yourself.
Link: MobyWare JAVA Games
Doom for Java, I'd give that a go. That game also looks about right for your phone as the gameplay screenshot dates to around january 17, 2006.


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