Sharp SHF31 Aquos K


New member
Oct 13, 2016
Just got this little beast to replace a lost Galaxy Note 4 and I'm trying to dial it in and would appreciate some assistance. I plan on installing apps for TuneIn Radio, Pandora, and a few others, and am hoping someone can post a link or explain how to install apps which I understand needs to be done through a computer. I have a few instructions in English but most are in Japanese.

I'm downsizing a bit, spent too much time on the Note 4 mindlessly websurfing so I'm going back a few steps with the Aquos K but still wanted to be able to stream radio and download podcasts straight from the phone so hopefully this will do the trick...screen's way too small for much mindless websurfing. Plus I carry the phone with me when I'm out on the MTB and the Note 4 was a bit big in the jersey pocket.