SIM card for Northern Europe travel (Finland mostly)

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Dec 29, 2012
I will be traveling to London, Finland, Estonia (Tallinn), and Latvia (Riga) this summer. I have an older iPhone (4) and my US service is Ting. I think the way to go is to buy a SIM card in Europe to use.

I'm only in London for the first few days, and I will be busy most of the time and not using the phone much there. Ting's rates look doable for any calls I would need to make. I'm thinking I should buy the SIM card in Finland, where I'll spend most of the time. I saw some info on Elisa Saunalahti and DNA, both prepaid services. I'd like to use it for the occasional call and text, and probably some internet data out in the country. (The info is on a site called data sim info, but I'm not allowed to post links.) And from what I've seen, they don't charge extra for roaming because of an EU law (?). I don't want to use Ting in Finland because they charge crazy rates for data ($6 per MB, I **** you not).

For a few days at the end of the trip, we're going to Riga through Tallinn, possibly spending one day in Tallinn.

I'm not sure how to decide between the different services, which one gets better coverage, etc. The total time we'll be in Finland/Estonia/Latvia is 18 days.

Also, my husband has an iPhone SE on Straight Talk. It is locked. Am I correct in understanding that he won't be able to use a foreign SIM in his phone?

Use Vodafone that’s what I’m doing for my upcoming trip
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