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Jul 26, 2017
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I like to use notepads on my phones to write and thought I would share some of the ones that I find useful.

I like apps that work offline and that let me share or save the notes using a variety of methods. I also require a notepad or editor that allows the creation of very long text files. Some editors are too complicated for the purpose, but these are easy to use.

I've used Offline Notepad and Panagola Simple Notepad for a long time and they've been reliable. I have them installed on LG and Motorola smartphones with Android OS as old as 7.0 in the case of my LG Fiestas. The apps are free although Offline Notepad will accept voluntary donations. Simple Notepad has a free and a paid version. Simple Notepad free version only allows 12 notes, but it has some customizable features like text size and notepad color. Try Offline Notepad for a more complex folder filing organization format as well as custom features (including dark screen, light screen color choices, text sizing).

Offline Notepad by Gino Basiletti:

Simple Notepad by Panagola:

This next one I found yesterday and can't say how reliable it is, but the Team Gravity Notepad fits my needs for simplicity, while allowing the creation of very long text files. I tested it by pasting a long text file in to see how long of a file it would allow. This one might be too simple for people who like customizable features, but for those who believe in keeping things simple, it's all that.

Team Gravity Notepad. Light, Simple, Fast

Blaze Wordpad is closer to a simple text editor and not a notepad. I found it yesterday and so far I'm testing it. I'm not sure that it's free, since I came across a message that said try it for 3 days free and it listed subscribtion prices. I didn't see any mention of a paid version in the listing description but it did say "in-app purchases" and that may be for the subscription. The app is simple, but allows for choice of text size, color, text alignment, italics, bold, and a few other things. There's autosave, a choice of ways to share documents, and a couple of features that might be useful. It has text to voice that lets you enter something and it speaks it aloud. The voice is adjustable in pitch and speed. The Wordpad app allows fairly long text files. I pasted a 7 page Google Docs file in to test it.

Blaze Wordpad

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Blaze Wordpad editing mode screen, and save or share options screen shots have been added to this post.

The files I'm working on can be opened from within the app. If Autosave is selected, it should save copies while working within a doc.

I can't find where the docs are autosaved to, or where they're stored when I save and exit, but I can find them in the cache folder if I choose "Export to PDF." On my phones it's saved to Main Storage > Android > Data > com. blaze. wordprocessor > cache

Besides "Cache" there's also a "Files" folder.

As can be seen in the screenshot of edit mode, there are quite a few options. To hide the toolbar, go up to the top of the screen and tap the down arrow next to the delete icon. The "?" on the toolbar opens a simple tutorial.

For save or share options, "Export as Plain Text" can save the file in a basic font to the device app program folders, "Cache" or "Files."

Share as PDF allows me to save as PDF or send it various places, by email or other methods, or save to Google Drive.

I've been using Google Docs to create and Drive to save & store, but have been looking for an app that works entirely offline with the ability to save directly to the device or SD card.

Yesterday Google Docs started crashing on my devices and saying it should be updated. That decided me to go find something else on Google Play to use in lieu of Docs. I've recently updated Docs and Drive (earlier in June) and didn't see why it should be crashing and suggesting I update. It autosaves while creating docs, but occasionally it crashes, sometimes due to weak WiFi, and it sometimes has lost data that way. It has "available offline" as an option, but I've had problems while using it too. I usually save from time to time by sending a PDF to myself by Gmail, or by downloading it as a PDF. I keep my files on Drive and on SD cards so I have multiple redundant duplicates. Wordpad%20Edit%20Mode.jpgWordpad%20Options.jpg

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Team Gravity Notepad screenshots added to this post.

One screenshot shows the notes after they're saved. There doesn't seem to be a list option instead of grid or "sticky notes."

The editor is as basic as it gets. Green theme with white screen is the only option. No text sizing or other options for font style or type. Enter the note title and date, and start writing. Share is an option on the toolbar.

On the Settings page, there are only a few languages to choose, but the keyboard you use should have multiple options.

There seems to be a PIN security feature, but I don't use PINs for notepads.

There's an option on Settings page to send suggestions to the creator of the app, and Share. About shows the app version.

It's so simple, there's not much to note about how to use it, but over a period of time I'll have to test it for reliability such as crashing or if it loses saved note files. GreenPad%202.jpgGreenPad%204.jpgGreenPad%20Options.jpg

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These are screenshots of Offline Notepad showing it in a dark screen theme. It has light themes and a few colored ones.

One screenshot shows the top tier of folders I've got on my LG Fiesta 2. Another screenshot shows a lower tier of folders.

There's a shot of one of my files with the Google Gboard Keyboard. It shows the Offline Notepad editing and share icons toolbar which can be hidden.

There's a shot of Settings options.

There's no seeming limit on number of folders, subfolders, or files you can create. You can just use it as a notepad with files on the landing page, or create folders to store notes. That makes it so well organized.

It allows fairly large files. I'm not sure what the size limits are but I've had text docs on it that are multiple pages long.

I can use it for a simple text editor and share my files elsewhere. I can use it as a clipboard for moving text back and forth between documents.

It doesn't have choice of font colors or styles except as included with the theme templates.

Date and time stamp is optional.

There are quite a few options, including organization in alphabetical order or when the file was created.

You can contact the creator to suggest additional features. It doesn't mean he can get to it right away but he did respond to my question.

There's optional timed backup, 24 hours, 48 hours, a week, etc.

You can move files from folder to folder within your directory or rename them.

Overall it's a super functional app. OfflinePad1.jpgOffline%20Pad4.jpgOffline%20Pad5.jpgOffline%20Pad2.jpg

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Panagola Simple Notepad app screenshots.

I've included a shot of the menu with the notepad set up with purple (grape) theme. There's a screenshot of the various theme color choices. Then, several shots of settings menu options.

It only allows 12 notes for the free version, but it's particularly useful for notes that change from day to day like shopping or to-do lists.

I keep quick reference info on the pad, such as phone specs, and I use the pad for quick notes while creating docs in another app. I create conversations for cut and paste into chat windows to save time typing while in the chat conversation.

It allows for very long text docs but I haven't yet found a size limit. The way to test is to paste a long text doc into a note and see what it does.

Font can only be resized for the whole notepad, not for changing font size within a note.

I particularly like the share feature that allows sending notes to other devices, particularly by email so I can have the notes on any device that has that email app.

It's pretty much my go-to notepad for quick temporary notes. If I want to store them, I usually transfer them to Offline Notepad and store them in folders. SimplePad5.jpgSimplePad1.jpgSimplePad4.jpgSimplePad3.jpgSimplePad2.jpg

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Update on Blaze Wordpad.
I've included a screenshot.

I used it on my LG Fiesta 2 for creating some text documents yesterday and just in case it crashed, I kept copying and pasting to Offline Notepad and Google Drive/Docs. It seemed to work well, saving the doc when I chose Save.

When I decided to share and export as PDF, I kept getting the error message shown in the screenshot. None of the options on the share or save menu worked. I didn't try Print.

I used the app offline with WiFi switched off and I used it with WiFi on without any difference in performance.

The only difference noted was that after turning WiFi back on to attempt sending a file, some autosave backup copies showed up that weren't there before, as if WiFi being on had something to do with it.

The performance of the app was flawless for the long hours I used it except for the failure of the share & send features as noted. It genuinely works offline. However, to share I have to copy using phone clipboard and paste it into another app that's able to share. It still allows me to save a document on other devices that way, but the crashing issue needs to be dealt with.

It still crashes today despite the phone being off all night and being rebooted.


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Update on Team Gravity Notepad, the simple green theme pad.

I tested it by using it to save text docs from Wordpad and they pasted in just fine using my phone clipboard functions.

The docs were fairly long and it was cumbersome finger scrolling up to the beginning of the doc. I switched keypads to one that allows me to go to beginning or end of a document by tapping a navigation arrow on the toolbar. Yandex lets me do that, although it functions differently with different apps.

So far so good for Team Gravity Notepad.

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I decided it might complement my notepad apps to have a text file PDF converter so that if they don't have that ability to share or export as PDF, I could use an outside app for that.

I found a simple text file converter that allows conversion of existing files and creation of text files that can be saved to PDF.

While it has its little issues, I found that it allows me to paste files from my notepads and from Wordpad so they can be converted. I view the PDF and download it to my device.

It does have some format differences from the original file I copied, such as margin setting differences and text sizing, so the PDF is more pages than the original. However in a pinch it may work for saving PDFs to my device if Wordpad's PDF export or share functions aren't working. It isn't working on this LG phone today either. The editing functions work, just not share/export.

While this converter may not work for people who have more technical needs, I'm posting it for anyone who might like to see what it does.

Text Note to PDF Export /Convert by Tweenti Corp

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Here are some sample screenshots from Text Note to PDF while in use, and showing a simple text only sample PDF.

It can be used as a text editor. I'll test it in the days ahead. Hopefully not any crashing during edit and losing files.

It allows font style, sizing, color, and alignments. It allows mixed fonts and alignment within the document being edited, although there doesn't seem to be Italics, bold, underline. The fonts list has cursive script and a font that looks like hand printing as well as a few standard fonts.

I find that pressing the font selection might be necessary rather than just tapping it.

The PDFs I exported or downloaded from viewing mode seem to go to Main Storage > TextToPdf on my LG Fiesta. After downloading I can create my own storage on Internal or SD card and move PDFs from the downloads folder.

While there are a few ads, usually can bypass and continue. Nothing popped up while editing, just between screens. Capture%2B_2022-06-29-14-10-52.jpgCapture%2B_2022-06-29-13-48-09.jpgCapture%2B_2022-06-29-13-47-52.jpgCapture%2B_2022-06-29-13-46-43.jpg

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Found another writing app that can be used for notes.

Check out "Writer Lite: Novel/Note/Editor"

The screen shot I posted was taken on my LG Fiesta 2 phone using the Google GBoard. That's an older phone that runs Android OS 7.0 but I believe the app can be used on phones with OS back to 5.0.

The screen shot shows the editor in progress on a note. It seems to work well with Google Voice to Text, and it displays character count in upper right corner as I write.

It allows backup function to the Cloud, but haven't tested it yet.

I created a special folder on my phone to store files.

Overall it seems easy and straightforward to use.

I'm going to be testing it on two Fiestas and a newer Moto Optimo Maxx, which is basically a TracFone Moto G7 Power by another name. WriterLiteTestNote.jpg

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My favorites are


DynaList for outlining

Standard Notes for encryption

All auto sync cross-platform, and have tagging, full text search
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MultiNotes by m.kadykov

Tried this notepad again. It's a really good app. Looks like a bulletin board (your choice of backgrounds). It's a series of customizable bulletin boards with tab headings.

The note colors can be chosen. Text color and size are customizable.

It has bold, italicize, and underline. It has highlight.

It has reminders and calendar view.

It's worth trying if you want note pads to jot items and like the Post-It note colorful pinup style.

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