Sony Ericsson C905a review

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Feb 20, 2004
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Hi guys and gals. For those who are interested in another C905a review, I just posted a very detailed one here:

I spent a great deal of time testing the phone, especially the camera since I'm a photo buff, so you'll get detailed coverage of camera features strengths/weaknesses and sample photos. Each photo has a 100% crop sample so you can see image quality detail.

After using the K850i, Samsung Memoir, Nokia N95, N85 and the N97 the C905a compares very well (other than video capture *sigh*).
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Thanks for the review (especially with the focus on the camera). Did AT&T let you buy it without an unlimited data plan? How much of the preloaded stuff can you remove? I know with my late SE s710a, I took off a full meg and a half of content that I didn't need to have on the phone.
A data plan is not required with the phone.

The pre-loaded stuff is in ROM and can't be removed unless you want to flash the phone with different firmware.
The Sony Ericsson C905a is an amazing camera phone. Perhaps the best on the market today! The features are outstanding and the Geo tagging is a great way to share your photos with friends. Memory is not a problem with expandable memory support and the built-in 160MB.
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sadly that 160 gets chopped to 93MB with all th ATT preloaded crap
Unload (debrand) it!
You'll gain back WiFi, the standard e-mail client (which works with any POP3/IMAP server, not just the pre-canned AT&T ones), MS Exchange (ActiveSync) support, and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with "sticking it" to the carrier.

I just got one yesterday, I debranded it right away. If I can get it to work correctly with the Exchange 2007 OWA setup at work, I'm ditching my Nokia N97.. :)
Debranding was as easy as it was for W760a. But somehow I don't like the phone. Thank god my son loves it as he is freaking about how good the camera is.

SE should avoid too many parts on their phone design exterior. It just doesn't feel smooth and I hate the quality and design of the lens slider. I thought Nokia does it very nicely. Idou (Satio) seem to have very similar design to C905 with curvy top and bottom and the side buttons. I hope it feels sleeker and solid.
Well done review there pdagal...

My C905a is back in a box on its way outta here. The unremovable AT&T $ubscripton app$ and game$ make me want to throw up. At least they left Activity Key in place. No I will not do without S/E mail tool and I am not paying a $ubscription to do GPS. But this phone did not last long enough to get de-branded. About 24 hours.

You see I live in "fringe" signal territory. Just about every CDMA phone will drain the battery overnight, but no GSM phone has ever behaved that way until this C905a. And I have had a long list of them. Totally bonkers, but that is what it did. I agree on the signal capability. The N3620 is still RF champ, and iPhone 3GS is real close.

Any bets on whether replacement also drains battery overnight? I will bet yes, and hope that debranding so 3G can be shut off and wifi can come thru will fix it.
I had used k800, k810, c905,n82.... My oponion is c905 is the best of xenon flash, and camera is the second after Camera raider on K800i
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