Sony Ericsson Jalou F100i Unboxing Pictures & Review

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Apr 18, 2007
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Sony Ericsson always comes out with stylish phone. One of the good examples is the Sony Ericsson T707. Now passing the crown to the dainty Sony Ericsson Jalou, the “facet cut jewel form” is getting in the spotlight. With the attractive outlook in compact size and glossary mirror, it seems to be a tiny treasure for the pretty women. Well, let’s find out more about it.

It comes with standard stuff: a Battery, a Charger, a handsfree and Manual.

Jalou is in diamond shape and a lot less tall than most clamshell phones, measuring just 73 x 45 x 18.2mm when closed. You can easily fit it to the pocket of your skinny jeans or jacket pocket. The outer display which located in the middle of the concave upper panel is for notifying you of incoming calls, received message and shows the time and the information about the song that’s being played.

Jalou is very compact even when you flip it open. Sony Ericsson has gone for this unusual size to make the phone as compact as possible to be a pocket-friendly diamond to the lovely ladies.

All the number keys are manufactured in the shape of a rhombus but a bit tiny, together with the diamond D-pad. It looks very stylish.

The volume rocker is on the right of the phone.

And the connectivity port is at the left side.

Remove the battery to reveal the microSD card slot.

Standard Sony Ericsson Menu and icons in black and white.

It got the shortcut menu to keep all your favorable apps.

Jalou is unashamedly girlie phone with fashion outlook, a 3.2 MP camera, microSD expandable memory, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio and a multimedia player, comes in reasonable price plus an ultra-reflective panel to check your hair before a hot date. That would be a pretty cool thing to have a fashion phone like this. But, you need to forgo the giant touchscreen, better camera…Actually, different people have different needs against the phone. Jalou is for those who seek of user-friendly and fashionable style.