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Dec 11, 2006
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Well, I found this in the Sprint forums and here we go:


1. Copy and paste that link into the address bar.

2. Don't run it but save it to your computer.

3. Find it on your computer and OPEN it up. Select to open it with Internet Explorer or the browser of your choice.

4. There will be a whole bunch of links. Choose the channel you want to watch...

5. Get your LG Voyager and start up the browser.

6. Type one of the links into your Voyager and press OK!

There you go, live TV...

Ask more questions if you need help.
omg thats awesome! i used to have sprint and liked their tv better. yay!
Thats pretty neat. Heres the list for people too lazy to download the file

This is a shorter less messy version of the file
<channel name="MSNBC" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="FOX News" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/8-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Discovery" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/3-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="TLC" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/4-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Animal Planet" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/63-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="NBC Comedy" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1500-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="ESPN Mobile TV" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/4103-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="NBC Sports Mobile" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1513-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Lipstick Jungle" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1508-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Maxx Look" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/48-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

Bikinis, lingerie, and less. Beach, Bedroom, Hot tub. MAXX Look ??? All Girls. All the time

<channel name="Toon World TV" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/28-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Access Hollywood" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1515-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Love Laffs" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/4104-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Bloomberg" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/52-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">


<channel name="Tim Gunns Guide to Style" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1519-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="The Mic Hip Hop" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/910-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="V40 Hot Hits" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/911-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Totally 80s 90s" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/96-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Double Z Country" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/72-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="RandB Jamz" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/425-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Ritmo Caliente" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/97-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Chaos Extreme" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/913-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Shift Alternative" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/912-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="USA Mobile" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1503-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Bravo To Go" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1502-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="SCI FI Pulse Mobile" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1501-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Oxygen" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/58-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Discovery Mobile" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/53-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="A and E Mobile" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/17-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="The History Channel Mobile" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/19-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="NBC News Mobile" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/2-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Fashion TV" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/22-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Comedy Time" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/21-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="MAXX SPORTS" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com/50-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="IGN" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/59-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Bombones" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/74-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="CNET" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/23-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="CSPAN" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/30-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="CSPAN2" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/31-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Soulja Boy Tell Em TV" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/4100-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Ataku" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/83-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="D40 Digital Camera" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/1346-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">

<channel name="Bank of America" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/4101-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">
great find :clapping: , tried two channels worked great, just make sure you capitalize CDMA, it didn't work at first with cdma.
wow im watching discovery and its on pace with the tv this is awesome!
Is there any way to book mark theses pages.
im am making them favorites in my browser so now i can watch them. i dont have vcast mobile tv here is san diego so this is awesome

I don't have VCast TV in my area either so this is pretty good. :) Thank you to the Sprint Forums. :)
coolmann said:
im am making them favorites in my browser so now i can watch them. i dont have vcast mobile tv here is san diego so this is awesome

how :befuddled
obnoxius said:
I can't get it to work what I don't know what I am doing wrong:(

Is CDMA in caps.
that file is giving me a blank page in both FF & IE

anybody got a screen copy of the page full of links that is supposed to display

so i can try them on my vger
themopedwhiz said:
that file is giving me a blank page in both FF & IE

anybody got a screen copy of the page full of links that is supposed to display

so i can try them on my vger

they are in the quote right above you. its a huge quote with all the links. start putting the link with rtsp......
sadrid said:
how :befuddled

when in the browser go to favorites. (the star on the touchscreen or in the options on the internal screen. your gunna want to use the keypad for all the typing took me a while. when in favorites hit add current page and then rename as the channel and put the link in, then test it out to make sure it works. then do it again with add current page but name it another channel and add the link and so on....
i like how the video takes up the whole screen. why cant verizon do this for us?!
sadrid said:
Is CDMA in caps.
I typed in exactly how it says <channel name="Discovery" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/3-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp">
and I get in the top of my screen no search results were found for <channel name="Discovery" href="rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/3-CDMA.sdp" type="video/3gpp"> is it available in my area I'm in upstate NY?
coolmann said:
they are in the quote right above you. its a huge quote with all the links. start putting the link with rtsp......

had to turn off my ad blocking, his awssurvey, was being blocked, and for some reason, all i had was a blank post from him,, no text

thanks for the links, now to turn my blocking back on
dont type in <channel... yada yada yada. just type in rtsp://live.mobitv.com:554/3-CDMA.sdp
o ok i didnt know you could turn that off
still doesn't work I get "you entered an incomplete or invalid web site address. blah, blah blah. please try again."
is there a different browser I could load onto the phone for this to work other than the verizon one?
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