Storage Capacity for 16GB 5S


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Jun 15, 2012
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I have an iPhone5S, 16GB in size, and wanted to do in person interviews, video/audio recording's for YouTube. I have done this before but used a hand held camera. I want to try using my iPhone for these and see how it turns out. But wonder will my iPhone's size work out? Some of my past interviews range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes or maybe longer like 20 minutes maybe 30 or more. Will those in length fit on my iPhone IF I deleted all the app's? Or if I left the apps alone, I could still fit the video content on there?
A sixteen gigabyte iPhone has about twelve to thirteen gigabytes of available storage space. You may have to periodically offload stored information to maintain usable storage space.
I think your memory size will work fine within limits. At the highest resolution you are probably only using around 100Mb per minute at 1080/30fps. So, 10 minutes per Gb of free space. You can also back up to a thumb drive between videos if you have a few minutes and then free up the space to use again.