T-Mobile T-mobile Sidekick slide USB not recognised and wont open (need help)

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Apr 4, 2009
South Jersey
Sidekick Slide
:help: Hi my T-Mobile Sidekick slide wont show up when i connect it to the usb , it shows up as a mass storage device and a drive opens in My computer (k drive) and wont let me open it and it tells me that there is no disk in the drive , im just trying to get inside my sidekick and put some apps on it , i cant find any online that it will let me download and i cant figure out how to download images (wallpaper) or ringtones aswell ,anyone know how to ? i get to sites and itl just show me the wallpaper but wont let me do aything to save the image or store it so anyone know how? if anyone can help me with any of these problems please post , also anyone know if u have to have micro sd card to put music on the phone?
You have to have a micro sd installed. It won't let you put info on the phone memory.
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ok so how do i get my pc to recognise the sidekick ? and if i put a brand new micro sd card in will it allow me to open the drive?
The Sidekick acts as a media card reader when connected to a PC. Once you get an SD card it will let you open the drive.
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