Bell Tablet and smartwatch


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Dec 17, 2004
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Do they charge you a fee for each of these? Or is the share everything a one time charge for both devices?

Apple Watch Ultra and an iPad. My iPad is with Telus but my watch is with bell. I was going to move everything to bell but curious if they charge you the 15$ once or twice?

Tried to google it but couldn’t find anything.
I suggest you contact Bell directly for an answer. Are the watch and the iPad cellular capable with a SIM or eSIM? I am not referring to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Apple Watch with cellular can number share with iPhone if both devices are with the same carrier. The watch would have a monthly fee and may even also have an activation fee. Activation fee may be waived if you do it entirely online.

If you are one to always have your phone with you while you wear the watch just use wifi and Bluetooth from your phone and save the additional monthly fee. Your watch can still do card payments without your phone if you happen to forget your wallet and phone.

As for the iPad you can also use cellular share everything and use the data from your plan but again there is a monthly charge for that. So if you happen to have your phone you could simply hotspot your phone and save yet another monthly fee. But if you have a cellular iPad so you can use without having a phone hotspot nearby than go for it.