Talk, Text and 6GB Promo - 50% OFF "no expiry data" Saga

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Apr 3, 2005
GF was offered a mind blowing plan 2 months ago from a old retention plan dating back to 2008

Old Plan:
$17.50 EPP VP
$30 iPhone Data Value Pack 1 Gen
-500 mb of data, 2500 SMS, CID and VVM
-$10 Credit
Total: $37.50

New Plan: Talk, Text and 6GB Promo
Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
Unlimited Canada SMS / MMS
6GB of Data
CID and VM
$85 w/ 50% off credit with "no expiry date"
Total $42.50

Here comes the drama ...

The retention CSR clearly stated there's no expiry date, GF got the interaction ID and got off the phone. I suggested her to check her w/ the "show the credits" method and its displaying a one year expiry date now.

1) 1st Month no credits applied, she called and they said her next month will show a balance of $0.00 to offset everything. The first month, the credits were not applied properly and please pay the full amount for now. She paid it and her balance is $0.00

2) 2nd Month no credits applied again, she called again today and her case is sent to the back office. The reg CSR credited her for the entire month to make her balance $0.00. The CSR stated next month her credits "will" be applied properly. GF also stated what the first retention CSR promised her about the no expiry date and quoted the interaction ID #. This CSR stated "That's not possible, Rogers wouldn't be making any money if this is true"

3) Next month she'll be calling to speak to a manager, regardless of what the outcome of the credits applied or not and soon after will be contacting the Office of President to take this to the next level. We all know the managers won't be helpful lately, but its normal procedures to escalate this to the higher powers.

In the past we've never had to deal with a matter like this before, nor have we ever contacted the Office of President or the CCTS. Personally I know they won't honour the no expiry date 50% off credit, whoever has the power will offer her a new plan offer when the time comes next year. It's really unpleasant to be offer something and then not following though the agreement.

Any insights or advice from those who had something similar happen to them?
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This promo was for either 50% off of ur first 6mnths or the first year. Its actually unheard of that they wud offer her this with no expiry..

The rep clearly must have made a mistake but i do understand ur frustrtion.

Good luck..

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A little update, after speaking to a few managers the back office team is applying this discount for 1 year only.

Let's see what happens a year later, I doubt they're gonna be this "nice" with the next negotiating session.