TCL Flip 2 4G LTE - $19.99 - quick review

Can the TCL Flip 2 be set to show the battery % remaining at the top, or only the charge level icon? Thanks.

If you haven't found it already, I accidentally came across it the other day. It's under developer settings, running services, Android Services, (you'll need Voice access or a SCRCPY app I use a web one. Search for Battery P, Select Battery Percentage, choose the option you want.

Not: the number is TINY inside the battery, making it hard to ready especially when over 40%, but if you want to go with fewer apps on the phone, this is a way to get there.
Yes. I noticed it doesn't let you organize the apps menu order like the 406 does. also can't assign navigation key shortcuts as you always could on most flip phones even as far back as the w-375 and lg--600g, or even the orbic journey v still does. the up and down keys are preset to tracfone browser and recent apps. but you can still assign menu items or apps to the left and right keys. I have assigned the up nav key as gallery for years. the recent apps menu can sort of function as an option to that. however, the next time an app is opened, the order of the list is changed. 8-9 apps fit on that menu or list. if you clear one app off the list, then an app you opened awhile back will reappear again at the bottom. weird- lol.

Compared to the A406DL, the settings and navigation/customizations are limited and different (top right button opens shortcuts to toggle WiFi, Data, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Location, and Sounds instead of Contacts). Basically no apps or app store. The Quick Dial button doesn't activate the front display, only the volume buttons do. It does not show the battery percentage number in the status bar. I like that it displays hyphenated phone numbers like +1XXX-XXX-XXXX or (XXX)XXX-XXXX instead of +1XXXXXXXXXX though.

One of the features/quirks seems to be that it remembers where you left off in each "app" or part of the navigation tree if you hit the end button instead of backing out.