T-Mobile Test TM506 unlock seems to have failed


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Jan 19, 2008
I just received my unlock code from T-Mobile and entered it. The network icon on that menu went from locked to unlocked.

When I put an ATT sim into the phone, it does not fully connect to the ATT network. Instead, the 'Emergency Calls Only' banner is present.

When looking at the available networks when using the ATT sim, only ATT(3G) is presented. The 3G annotation is interesting since ATT and TM 3G bands are not compatible. When looking at the available networks when using the TM sim, I see TM, TM(3G) and ATT, without the 3G annotation.

Any advice?
I would check with AT&T to make sure your AT&T sim card is fully activated. Try another AT&T sim that you know is working. If that works in the TM506, you may just need to get another SIM card from them for your account.

But yes, once the network icon goes from lock to unlocked, you're good to go with using it on other networks.
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i have no problem to run att sim card on my unlocked tm506
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