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Oct 31, 2004
I love USCC so do not get me wrong I know I have had tantrums like this in the past but seriously.

Today, Sprint released video ringers (VIDEO). We do not even have video mail. Even though there reception sux people can still make a call when they need too.And VZW has TV on there phone, if we are even going to try to compete USCC needs to take risks and now that the Big Guys are rolling into the markets that USCC had down people are going to start migrating toward the name.How do I know u may ask cuse allmost everyone did that here.

Any way I just wanted to start a thread where everyone could post what they feel USCC is lacking and how they can improve on it. Instead of us just dropping it in one just any thread.

Oh yeah bye the way if we get the new Slider that would be sooo hot.
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All that stuff is cool, but my bill is high enough as it is. I think I can do without it. Just my opinion though.
I agree.

And I think the obvious point needs to be brought up that the larger companies have a whole lot more money to gamble with. I'd rather see USCC put their money in the right place.

And one other point that the other Scott actually made himself:
Even though there reception sux people can still make a call when they need too.
That's not good enough for me, and for most people who rely on a cell phone on a daily basis.
I kinda figured someone was gonna say something about the money thing. Even Suncom and smaller carriers than them have WAP I mean that is becoming a basic and they have alot of other features we do not.
SunCom is hemorrhaging money and losing customers at an alarming rate. Go look at their annual reports. I wouldn't consider them a company to look up to.
And USCC is keeping there money and not expanding that is why they have such a small customer base now. You have to SPEND money to MAKE money. Simple business.
"Small customers base" is as far from the truth as you can get - USCC is sitting on top in most all of their markets. Lance has the facts on that.

They do need to implement new technologies, especially since they are moving into bigger markets. And with all the features that have been added lately it seems they are doing that. But growing beyond their means isn't good either.

The simple fact is the majority of the USCC customer base wants good voice service and coverage. In other words, a service you can actually use.

Once again, if you want little frivolous features that no one needs (who the hell needs video ringers?!), you should have gone to Cingular or Sprint. Then you could go to their forums and complain about how you can piss further than your coverage goes.
Yeah they are sitting on the top of the markets that they are in which is where? I know they might be on top here now but how about when I move and yesssss i am leaving here.

New features: Ok let me run threw a typiclal conversation on new features. Scott look what I got on my phone the new Video of Kanye West, what new stuff do you have? me) Oh I can check my balance.

Most people want good service, YEAH right, believe it or not cell phones are the new computers the more multitasking the better.

Piss further than my coverage ok yeah my friends V400 gets the same service even better sometime than my phone.
USCC is in several markets around the country. Look it up, I don't feel like doing it for you.

And once again, features are no good if you have no coverage in which to use them.



And USCC's is accurate - that's no exagerration.

I see nowhere in NC that is without signal. Do you?
scottalways1 said:
and plus when i go out of the couple states USCC covers where am I at then?

That's why you have a regional plan.

I'd rather roam on someone else's network the few times I leave my area than to constantly be frustrated with a phone that roamed AT HOME.

Been there, done that.
half of the places with the no service with cingular is swapland. And I have friends who rareley roam with cingular. You might go into the swamp alot be people I know do not go into the swamp. And when ever people ride with me with cingular and sprint they do not have failed service and they still used there features and correct me if I am wrong but does cingular have data roaming?
They rarely roam with Cingular because:
a) GSM is crap in North Carolina, and Cingular is pretty much it except for SunCom, which leads me to...
b) The only other GSM provider to roam on is SunCom, whos coverage is worse than Cingular's
c) all of the above

And there are several well populated areas without GSM coverage. It's not just swampland.

Cingular does have data roaming, I'll give you that one. But supposedly USCC is working on it.

I ask again, just like I did two weeks ago when we did this little dance: if USCC sucks so bad, why the hell did you sign a contract with them?
I persay did not sign the contract my dad did, i am trying to decide whether to give the phone to mom and go or keep it and just deal with it. Since I pay the bill now.

Vidoe tones are gay? I bet if USCC offered them you would be the first in line to have them on your phone. And what is so gay about video tones?
And plus USCC just seems TOOOO far behind even though alltel's phone selection sucks they are at least trying.
It's "per se." If you're going to try and sound smart, at least use a dictionary.

And no, I would not be anywhere in line for video tones. It's hard to even think of a stupider service.