The problem with textures in Cocos2D

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Jul 12, 2012
Hi everyone!

I have the following problem:
In the derivation of the iPad screen pixel-perfect images at 100% scale image, in theory, should be 1 to 1 as the original .png file, but in fact the picture appears blurred. As a result the small details became not visible at all, boundaries of colors became blurred, and the whole picture looks less sharp/clear than the original psd file.

Settings of cocos2d are standard. Trustify by displaying images through a standard CCSprite cocos-s TV application template in XCode. The picture in 1024x768 resolution (native for the iPad 2).

I've tried methods that I've found in Google. The request was "cocos2d blurred textures". The first method was "disable subpixel rendering" and the other - installation of nearest-filter openglview. The first method made the picture better, but it still was less than the original and still different artifacts (as a ladder of pixels) have appeared when I've moved the camera. The second method didn't give any visible effect.

Thank you for your answers. And I'm really sorry for my English.