time warner cable net/tv question


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Feb 4, 2005
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i will be signing up for roadrunner soon.

i have no desire to pay for tv, at all. however, digital reception sucks big nuts in my area.

is it possible to get the "free" local channels from the same cable line that feeds my modem internet?

keep in mind i am not interested in ripping the cable company off. i do not want free premium channels. i just want to be able to get my local channels with better reception...

i asked time warner about it but they just keep trying to sell me a cable tv package, which i do not want....

any help is appreciated
It all depends on the area some providers offer them some don't the only way too know for sure is to try.

I know most Providers offer the most basic channels (ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX, local cable access) for less then $10 per month.

If you don't want to pay for TV you might also try buying a Newer more directional Antenna, or a rooftop one. Just use http://www.antennaweb.org to see what type you need.
thanks for the info
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Some providers install a "filter" that blocks out most analog channels. Though you may be able to receive a few...

There are plenty of forums out there that discuss Over-The-Air (OTA) TV reception. There may be things you can do to improve reception...
well, i figured out PART of my problem...

my signal really is crappy, i have to have my antenna by the window, unfortunately the coax cable supplied with the antenna isnt long enough so i connected an old splitter to it and then used a second coax to reach the TV...

last night i found a better splitter and it improved reception GREATLY, though its still lacking...

i think what im going to do is when the cable guy comes, ask him if he can spare a better coax cable with screw ends in the correct length.

the reason i think this will help is because the splitter supposedly hurts the signal, or makes it weaker. so, even though i now have a BETTER splitter in place, it would be much better with NO splitter.

i would get my own coax cable but the only ones i can find in stores have the screwless ends, where they just slip on and off, and i feel those are pretty lossy (thats one of my other weak links...from antenna to splitter is a screw in coax, from splitter to tv is a slip-on coax)

i appreciate the helpful posts and much thanks to the one person who PM'ed me with very helpful info. like i said my only purpose was to be able to watch tv clearly and i think ive got that figured out

thanks again
If you have a hdtv that has a QAM tuner you will be able to get all the local channels through the same line as the cable modem for free. Road Runner and QAM runs through the same frequency so there is no way for them to block one without blocking the other.
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Have you tried getting an amplifier? I had to buy one when the digital tv conversion came around and that significantly helped my reception.
Get an amplified antenna, my friend got one with a spliter and hooked two up in his attic, problem solved.