Tivo and Fios


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Aug 10, 2013
Just wondering if its worth it. I currently have Fios and have 3 set top boxes priced at $24 and the Enhanced DVR service priced at $15. I was thinking of getting a TiVo with 2 minis and was doing some research. Which would you guys suggest. I read that the TiVo service is $14.99 a month and the CableCard would run me about $5 a month from Verizon. Is it really worth it?
I don’t watch that much TV, but I’ve had TiVo for more than a decade. I like the TiVo DVR functions, recorded content streaming, App, etc. But TiVo does not enable Fios on demand streaming so if you watch much cable on demand or pay per view you’ll still need a Verizon setup box. Are you sure that the TiVo is only $15/mo? Is there no charge for the Minis? I’ve been considering whether or not to get a new TiVo. But I only record shows a few times per year. I generally stream everything these days through my Rokus

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That does seem like a good deal. $349 plus $15/mo plus $179 all in per Mini.

Only one cable card is needed. So $5/mo or so.

Will one M-card support all 6 tuners?

Their $29.99/mo “deal” is cra-cra!

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