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Dec 12, 2002
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my daughter will be studying abroad in London for 4 months. she has a 8520 on TMO and i was wondering what the best option would be for her.

from what i understand, using her regular plan would get very expensive. so i'm thinking of the possibility of getting the 8520 unlocked prior to her leaving, then having her purchase a pre-paid SIM card in London.

any suggestions and/or tips would be greatly appreciated.

For that length of time, she should def. get a pre-paid. Have her shop - or do it online to find thebest plan. One carrier (forget which) has a good pre-paid plan that includes cheap calling to U.S.
Of course the best way to call is free over wifi. Use Skype for voice or Skype video talking is good. One place to get pre-paid info is: The sections are broken down by geography. Good forums there.
She does NOT want to use her TM SIM there, unless, literally, you want 4 figure phone bills.
IF she sets her phone to use wifi only - she could use her TM SIM to make calls back to U.S. numbers and do email. If she doesn't do that, she will definitely incur huge bills. Lots of data runs in unknowingly in the background. She will be billed a minimum of $2 on unanswered calls. (You pay for a round trip call to get back to VM.)
thanks Mike! before i get ahead of myself, can the 8520 be unlocked and used in London?
Assuming you are in good standing w. TM - they will give you the unlock code. Usually takes a few days. It can be used in London as it has the 900/1800 bands used in London and 95% of the rest of the world.
If she won't be using her TM SIM, TM will allow her to go on "vacation service" for those 4 months. Call CS about that.
T-Mobile UK offers a Pre-Paid Blackberry SIM - the SIM is free and internet and Blackberry service is also free for 6 months when you top up GBP 10 (appox $16) a month. You will still need to get the unlock code from T-Mobile US before you go but this is a pretty good deal.
More details here:
Hi All,

May I please check if any one had any idea or experience in using their Singapore-issued Visa Paywave card to pay for bus fares in London?