tracfone no service after transferring balance from another tracfone

unlimited carryover makes this an ideal plan for really low usage
MobileX gives you that on VZW, at $2/mo base plus $2.10/GB

T&T choices are

UNL or PayGo as you prefer

or none if Data-only is preferred.

To compare gFi Flex has up to 4x data only SIMs per voice SIM, but base charge is $20 for UNL and pooled data at $10/GB, on TMO

not really competitive anymore

i have combined onto ATT lines recently with no issues at all, same as onto a VZW line
ooh good to know, tx for the data point

I have a shelf full of annual bundles ready to go, maybe 6x ATT legacy lines with plenty of years, but they need the 24GB data
Going a bit off topic so I will leave this for the General Prepaid forum but I am not really a fan of MobileX. Had a lot of problems when I tried them before and now they seem to charge a few bucks extra for a new number and their CEO is a loud mouth who put out a fee for porting out (in the end it was fine but just the way he dealt with it).

For me I am willing to pay a bit more know for better customer service, for me that's been Tello or USMobile who are also generally cost competitive. But ymmv and your requirements may be different. There are happy TracFone users as we are finding out here :)
I am willing to pay a bit more know for better customer service
It's your money. None of my concern. Happy trails.

There are happy TracFone users as we are finding out here
Over the years, I've seldom needed Tracfone customer service. The miniscule time cost is nothing compared to years of service. Why some people (not you) feel they must wail about it online, IDK.
There are happy TracFone users as we are finding out here :)
many of us don't spend much but do like have use for cheap handsets that we 'harvest' the bundled service plans from.

its work out to a cheap way to have bunch of spare phone and service lines as well, some may actually profit a bit after selling the handsets once they are unlocked. i mostly use to have extra lines for testing various used phones I buy and sell.

unless you are taking steps to provide the 'havestable' minutes, data and service time it is probably not a great option for a sole primary service for most people.
I don't need to talk all day. At home I have WIFI for data. What's the problem?
there is no problem. if it works for you thats great, i just think for most probably not the best option for single line primary device
The appropriate market niche here is Very Low Data consumption, say 3-5 GB/mo avg on the high end.

The new UNL T&T annual bundles help a lot for convenience, and keeping the cost below $10/mo is nice and frugal.

The very few "easy rollover forever" providers offer a UNIQUE advantage for those who may need lots more data sometimes - if my average is 1GB most months, then using 10GB in a week still keeps me within budget

without worrying about where that week falls in the cycle, timing of add-on data that expires, switching plans up or down, or manually renewing on a certain date

just check periodically to keep the bucket topped up, cost of a meal every once in a while and maybe the free phones are useful for some.

If these aspects are not important to a given user then definitely not worth putting up with their idiosyncrasies.