Verizon treo 700p, treo700w, xv6700, moto q, or i730?


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Aug 23, 2007
which one do you guys suggest?
and any other suggestions in the same price range?

and do all of them have good service?

right now i am leaning towards xv6700 because it has wifi (and a camera)
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XV6800 not available in your area? o_O
I'm assuming that you are looking at these because of the fact that they can all be found fairly cheaply online and without a contract? I currently have a treo 700wx and i have had the i730, 6700 and a Q9m. I would suggest the 6700. I found it the best out of all of them. The wifi worked great and I loved the keyboard. Good luck
ShArKs58 said:
XV6800 not available in your area? o_O

it is available, but it is too expensive without a contract.. like said by yachi..

yachi you just made my day though, because i ended up buying the 6700 last night :).. now i feel safe with my decision

thanks for the responses
another question about xv6700, if you have the pay as you go data plan can you use the wifi and not be charged for your time on the internet?

and if you block the data plan, can you use the wifi still?

and i have been reading on the phone and people say the reception and battery life is not good, just wanted some opinions from you guys, thanks :)
Stay away from the 700p...ive gotten it replaced so many times, I broke a record (according to the tech rep at my local store). Everything from random rebooting, to audio issues, backlight problems, etc. etc.