tried to get verizon but they can't find me


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Oct 1, 2003
Apparently because my apt used to be the rental office, Verizon can't find me. ITs stupid, so I can't have Fios and am stuck with cable. Cable just upgraded their wiring and said they saw Fios lines in the attic, lol. Verizon always seems to be their own worst enemy.
The same thing happened to me with Comcast a ways back. We had cable TV and then we moved out of state and had renters in our house while we were gone. When we came back the cable company that services our area had changed hands like 3 times. When we got back it Comcast had just bought it. We hooked the TVs up and just watched everything was fine. A few years go by and we start seeing Comcast "stealing cable is bad" commercials. That is when we realized we had not gotten a bill. So feeling guilty we called them up to remedy the situation. Problem was they had no record of us in their system. They also didn't have a record of our address at all like we didn't exist. I told them the mail man has no problem finding it. They said they would have to get a survey done and some other investigations done before they could offer us service. Then the rep told us just to keep using what we have since we didn't exist to them anyway there would be no way for us to get into trouble. Which was not the answer we were expecting from them. So we just let it be and every so often we would call again after feeling guilty from one of the stealing cable commercials and they would tell us the same thing. So when we found out broadband internet was available in our area we called them up and made them do whatever was needed to hook us up for the broadband service. It took them about 3 months to get it all done. We were once again an actual place to them. lol

In our case it would one of the previous cable companies not passing on our information and we got lost in the shuffle. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something similar for you.

Since you said your home was previously a business did you try and see if you could get a business account maybe then Verizon will see you. lol