Verizon Trying to get answer related to wifi calling function S10e


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Oct 28, 2022
I have number on Straight Talk (Verizon) and had wifi calling on Samsung A12. I was running out of memory so bought an unlocked Verizon phone (S10e) with 128GB memory.

Worked okay on switching SIM card except no wifi calling. I contacted ST support who said I needed to buy a new SIM card for this phone which I did. Still no wifi calling.

Their system says not available. I spoke to Samsung support which was a useless waste of my time. You cannot find any real technical people just someone in India or wherever.

I could not get a straight answer when I asked if this phone was WiFi capable. They just kept talking about the carrier but what I wanted to know was the phone itself capable of that function. Round and round and never got a straight answer as to the function of the phone.

If the phone is simply not build to provide WiFi calling then I am wasting my time and seems need to buy another phone. But if the phone itself is capable technically then I know the problem is with my choice of carrier not the device itself.

Can someone tell me if the phone itself supports WiFi calling without going in to the who spiel about "if the carrier" offers it. Which they do...but if not on a BYOP then I know this is a deliberate choice to cripple services on phones they don't sell.

Android V.12
UI: 4.1

Any insight on this most welcome.

( I have an open complaint filed with FCC on this issue of carriers blocking functions on unlocked phones a customer owns. After all these carriers are licensed by FCC to use airwaves that belong to the public )

Thanks. Have a great day !