unable to move device to phone number

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Jun 11, 2013
I have this strange problem that frankly I have not yet understood all. I currently have two prepaid phone numbers with PC Mobile, I like to move the device associated with phone number #1 to phone number #2. I figure all they had to do was to match device's IMEI and current SIM to phone number #2, but I was told by their customer service that it cannot be done. To the best of my understanding, they could change device's IMEI to phone number #2, but the SIM is "fixed" to phone number #1 and cannot be move to phone number #2. They also could not "unfix" the SIM from phone number #1. I hope I am describing the problem correctly, because it didn't really make sense to me. Any idea?
Carriers are set up to perform inter-carrier movement of phone number. That's Local Number Portability.

However, this does not involve the movement of plans (with numbers) around between accounts, even on the same carrier. The SIM is tied to your account, and it's your account that matters.

It is possible to change your account's number to a new, unused number, but not to an existing one -- unless you use Local Number Portability to port an existing number from another carrier to your current plan. There is a tricky procedure, using a temporary 3rd account, to do a number swap, but most carriers will not allow it, or at least not train their CSR's to do it for you.

What you describe sounds like something less than a number swap. Do you want to just end up with one active account, preserving its plan and options, but with it having the other account's number? If not, I'm not sure what you are trying to do that cannot be achieved by swapping SIM cards between devices.
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