T-Mobile Unable to send/recive MMS


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May 13, 2011
Hey guys,

Well I have looked all over the internet, as well as called my cell provider (T-Moible) and cannot get this fixed.

I am unable to send or revive MMS (Picture messages)

I got this phone yesterday - it was originally a Sprint phone but I got it unlocked and all my info/sim in there. All calls and normal testing works.

Picture messages on my old blackberry worked fine. (different model)

Symptoms: When trying to send - Just get a red X next to the message - When trying to revive them - just says unable to retrieve message.

Phone Type: BlackBerry Tour 9630
OS: Not sure off hand - but its the newest (made sure to get that)
Dataplan: Do not have (shouldn't need)

Thanks in advance guys!

If this is wrong section - sorry :D
Sprint is a different tech than T-Mobile's GSM? If it does have a sim, you should contact BB data support at T-Mobile. I think they send MMS service books to your device to enable MMS.
I have this bug too. I am lvl 60 and the system treats me as lvl 1 being unable to send any kind of "tells"