University Student Fined $400 for Distracted Driving with Apple Watch

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Jul 6, 2002
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A student a the University of Guelph has been fined $400 CAD for distracted driving, with the presiding judge ruling that an Apple Watch qualifies as a handheld device.

The student was stopped at a red light when a campus police officer pulled up beside her. The officer saw her head facing downwards and a glow from an electronic device lighting up her face. She failed to proceed when the traffic light turned green and was charged on the spot with driving while holding a handheld communication device, prohibited under the Province of Ontario's Highway Traffic Act.

After the case was heard in court the justice wrote the following in his ruling:

“Despite the Apple Watch being smaller than a cellular phone, on the evidence it is a communication device capable of receiving and transmitting electronic data. While attached to the defendant’s wrist it is no less a source of distraction than a cell phone taped to someone’s wrist. It requires the driver to change their body position and operate it by touch.”

The student pleaded that she was only checking the time—which she's either really bad at or is lying about altogether. The only thing I can say in her defence is that checking the time on a smartwatch would indeed be easier if that smartwatch had an always-on display.

Source: Guelph Today
Hmmm, so car had no built-in clock to check the time on like all I've seen :befuddled
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ONE driver fined...out of hundreds I see everyday....
Proof of distraction was obvious red light you stop, green light you go. 400 CAD please.