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Jul 24, 2014
I need to block any URL that has specific words such as "sex" Porn" "xxx" etc. from my Boost data plan- as i can do on My Asus home Router. i want to do this at the 'data' provider level vs. for each device. no lectures please !
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Adjustments.JPG this is probably as close as you are going to get to what you want.

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You can't change your router settings to resolve the issue for the cell phone. There have been some good suggestions made already.

Your thread title was edited to eliminate people thinking you were advertising/promoting the very things you want to block. The prior title was a bit ambiguous/confusing.
You can probably put an internet security on the phone(s) and have them block those sites. You may also be able to have a google email signed in and synced with Chrome so that you can monitor the history remotely. (At least I think you can do that.)