US Cellular is Raising Prices on Unlimited, Offering $10 Payback for Little Data Use


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On August 23, US Cellular will tweak their Total Plans line-up by dropping one plan, raising prices on unlimited, and offering a cashback incentive for those who use little data. The plan change info comes to us via reliable source.
According to information we’ve reviewed, US Cellular will reduce their data plan offerings to three that include Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and 2GB. They are removing the 6GB data option that is currently offered. When they do that, Total Plans pricing for Unlimited and Unlimited Plus will each rise by $5 per month to $65 and $75, respectively. Those prices are only good if you sign-up for autopay.

That $5 price increase is likely because of a new “All Unlimited with Payback” feature that US Cellular is introducing. Payback will give customers a $10 credit when they have one of the two unlimited plans and use less than 3GB of data in a bill cycle. Those credits will show in the “Other credits and Charges” on your bill each month.
US Cellular is telling associates that customers can stay on current plans if they so choose, but the 6GB plan won’t be an option on August 23. Their data shows that only 8% of customers were choosing it anyway.
We’ll let you know when these go official.




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