Verizon to consolidate Tracfone brands, Page Plus ceasing activation's

kevi, as far as I know, the $0.50/mo fee is no longer charged.
Definitely no monthly fee for many years now, although I couldn't say when it ended.
As mentioned in previous posts, my recent tests (of sending and receiving texts to/from Page Plus itself) indicated they don't actually charge for any of them - though they do list them in your call records, just as they do with activity that you DO get charged for.

But I noted today that in the FAQ of the PP website it says::

"... you can text BAL to 7243 to get your plan balance and expiration date, and the remaining amount of minutes, texts and data left in your monthly plan. The text message you send will be used from your plan, and the account balance text you receive from us is free."

I don't know if that is simply outdated information, or if it applies only to montly plans (and not to Pay-as-you-go). I hope it does not indicate the charge for sendng BAL has been re-implemented for some (or all) customers.
To @kevi
My experience is that yes, the pay-as-you-go lets you spend downward for each text message; but I cannot remember if send or receive BAL spends downward of your account or not; I believe to and from 7243 for BAL is free. I have not checked too recently to confirm this.
Basically, my one careful test months ago indicated no charge either direction for BAL request texts or the response from Page Plus with my "Standard" (Pay-Go) plan, even though both are listed in your "Call Records". Reps have said the same thing in the past. But I see the current FAQ on the Page Plus site itself indicates they DO charge for your BAL text, though not for their response texts. So maybe that policy applies to monthly plans only, or the FAQ contains outdated information altogether.