Videotron SIM card

They do, this one was cheap and I needed just cheap one for development and I didn't know it will lock when I reset the phone. decision backfired
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If you want to unlock the phone, you will need a different one than the carrier it is locked to.
You can go to to have a free one. Expect some delays, though!

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hello Darac2 , what you can do is check ebay for a videotron sim card , they might have one or ask the seller who sold you the phone to sell you one ... do you still have the phone and do you still need help ? btw , I created this account just to reply to your question.

Where can I get Videotron SIM card? I'm from Croatia and I need it to activate my iPhone. iPhone is locked. I just need it to activate it and that's it. I'm using is for developing purposes. Nobody knows how to unlock it.
hello , did you find a videotron sim card or do you still need help ?