Vodafone Italy prepaid


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Feb 3, 2013
Hey guys most of the online resellers seem to be out of stock, eBay doesn't sell Italian Vodafone sims any ideas?

You can buy one from the official store at vodafone.it. I'm italian so I can guide you through if you are having hard time understanding the website. Remeber that to activate it you need an ID (passport) and a SSN number
Question here... A relative bought a nano SIM a few months ago and passed it down to me. I have a family member traveling to Europe soon (Czech Republic and Germany) and was wondering about if the SIM had any money left, and/or if it would still be worth to use it (assuming it's not really roaming). Or would we better off getting a new SIM?

I tried it here in the US and the card is active and got a txt which I was able translate into being able to use it here in the US for 3 euros a day (only when used) including 500mb.