VodaFone UK eSIM - Can't text

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Jun 4, 2006
I have a VodaFone eSIM on PayGo that I'm using in the USA. It works fine to receive service messages (ie 'Welcome to USA' and the text code that My VodaFone sends to login). It even works for data in roaming mode. However, I can't get texts to work other than service texts. Texts sent to the number never arrive and texts sent from the phone when using the eSIM say 'Number is incorrect format' despite me trying every format known to man (+1, 1, 011, 0111, etc). I also verified the SMSC is correct in advanced phone settings (the phone sets its fine when switching to eSIM).

I don't plan to actually use this eSIM that often, but like the 3 UK thread, I'm keeping this line active so I can continue to use it when I need. What am I missing to actually receive and send SMS (the first should be free) on this line?