T-Mobile voice control for the vision impaired

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Jul 14, 2023
I have a Galaxy A14 5g phone from Metro, part of T-mobile. My wife, who is vision impaired, needs a phone also, but had found mine tedious to work. She wants a phone that she can turn on, simply say "Call soandso" and it will do that. She had one like that with an i-phone, but other than that she didn't like it much. This phone has voice control to a point, but she has to push a button icon, which she can't see, and it's confusing to her. Unless I have it set up wrong, which is a possibility. I'm 79, my wife 77, and not electronics savvy. Do I need another app other than the one I've got?
Is there another phone that will do what she wants? So far I haven't much help from Metro on this problem.

Please advise. :help:
I use a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and I can merely say, "Hey Google, call Mom" and it does. I can use the tool to dictate and send text messages, make appointments, and ask for the current temperature, etc. Since the A14 also uses Android, it should have the same option. It doesn't matter who the carrier is, it is a function of Android. There should be no need to press a button to get the Android assistant. You shouldn't need to get her another phone.
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Thank you. I'll contact Metro again and ask why they don't have what you're talking about (I heard they paved paradise and put up a parking lot).

Dinoguy (I feel like a creature from the Jurassic)
With current versions of Android there is quite a bit of configureability, and I am not up to speed on how to completely set something like this up. To go completely touch free, you have to start with Google Assistant. But to go further and do more specific things (manipulate controls in other apps), there's an app called Voice Access that is for this purpose, and it takes a bit of learning to get the most out of it. There is also the Accessibility features area in Settings, but for an unsighted person that might not be applicable.

For just making a hands-free voice call, Google Assistant should do what you basically want. You would need to have all call recipients in the phone's Contacts area, which is in the Phone app (and maybe even sync those to Google for good measure). I'm not 100% sure, but you may need internet connection for Google Assistant to work properly. Others can verify this or not.
Here is a pretty good starter article on how to use Google Assistant: https://www.androidpolice.com/how-to-use-google-assistant/

You have use the app called simply "Google" in order to set things up. I haven't already gotten familiar with all this as I'm not particularly fond of voice command stuff (no need) and the Google app does some things I'd prefer to avoid, so I have it Disabled.

But this is the best basic article I've seen on the topic. Plus it contains a few links that go into some areas more deeply.
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I just had a bad experience with Verizon. They recommended an i-phone that would be best for her; however, I've spent three days on the phone and online trying to explain my problem and Verizon's customer service was no use. The last person I saw said it might be the e-mail i was using to set up, that it wasn't in the "i-cloud." Being an old codger with little experience with Apple, I have no clue how to fix the problem and neither do they! now, I'm used to windows and possibly there is some kind of glitch because the e-mail is set up in windows. However, I have had iphones before and never had this much trouble. When I get to a certain point ((asking for Apple id) and put in the e-mail the phone says that the e-mail is not available. Every time I try to move forward i hit a stop sign. My e-mail is set up in windows, how do I get it in the icloud?
My e-mail is set up in windows, how do I get it in the icloud?

Who is your email currently with? Both my mother and I use the ancient, but still effective AOL (America Online) as our email server. I use an Android phone and she uses an iPhone. We are using the same email server, with both phones and separate email addresses with no issues.

I think that was your concern. Please clarify if I misunderstood you.
I'm not getting the 'my email is set up in windows' meaning. Who is your email provided by (what is the domain name, the '@xxxx.com' part), and what email client (app) are you trying to use on the iPhone? I primarily use an Android for personal use, but use an iPhone for my work. I have never run across any need to deal with my iCloud feature or Apple ID to use the Apple Mail app (the one built-in to the phone) with the email we use (which is a Google Workspace product) . But maybe your email address (actually 'her' email address) is something provided by Apple. More info needed, please.
how do I get it in the icloud?

This is the part of your post that I was responding to. Maybe I misunderstood your question. It doesn't magically get into the icloud. You need to clarify for help with your inquiry.
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I can`t help. Someone with more experience than me needs to come along.