Voice recording option, available?

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Sep 27, 2015
I was wondering if GV has an option for audio recordings like we see with whatsapp?
If it does, where is it located? How do I navigate to it to use it?
I can get voice recording.
But I do not know how record them and send them.
Any advise?

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Sorry I did not mean that I wanted to record a phone conversation I just meant that I wanted to send a voice recording in the texting app so that when my friend gets the text message he hears my voice a voice note
So, Text own is an app that allow me to attach a voice note to a text message in Google Voice?

Because I want my voice message to be received by the other party and for them to see that it came from a specific phone number.

Did I understand it correctly?
No, each such service has its own number.

TextNow is a replacement for gVoice.

Easy enough to port a number over if needed.
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