VZ navigator speech quirk??

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Sep 23, 2009
Ok, i've just noticed this within the last 2 weeks. When i'm using VZ navigator and it speaks, the locations, its REALLY loud. but the rest of the sentance is at whatever level I had set it to. for instance (loud parts in bold) "in 2.25 miles turn left on SANTA MONICA BLVD, then prepare to keep left on I210 WEST"

It never did this before. I mean it goes to full volume on only the dymanic portions of the sentance. It normal for there to be a little flux, but this is crazy. Anyone had this?? There aren't any settings beyond the standard volume and i've already uninstalled it and reinstalled.... :confused:
Yes! I was actually gonna make a thread about this very same thing. And it hasn't always been like this. When i got my touch in june, totally normal. Up until about a couple weeks ago when the female voice turned on pms mode and started screaming at me. Don't know of a fix, but until she lowers her voice and calms down, i got it on mute whenever i drive with it
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there is an update available...i dont know if it fixes that issue

you can get it through media center, browse and download , VZ nav, Check for updates
Updated just the way you suggested and the voice is still angry loud with me. Maybe i haven't treated "michelle" the best i could have and now its payback time. Idk, either way, thanks for the tip. Didn't work though. I'm on v3 firmware if that matters

I suggest either mute the sound or just yell back when she yells at you
lol soulweaponry, at least I know its not just me. I always check for updates also. It can also be done form within the program itself, but the program is ususally good about updating on its own.

In any case, I called verizon tech supp just to see what they had to say. I hate when I know more about their product then they do....seriously. The lady tried to tell me its normal. I told her otherwise but it really didn't matter, I wasn't going to get anywhere with them. She didn't know what phone firmware was, she kept talking about the vznavigator sofware version, lol. :doh:

Anyway, i'm going to take it in and have them flash version 4 and see if it helps because its driving me crazy. :silly: