Walmart Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Prepaid Phone Work on T-Mobile Brand New?

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Mar 8, 2006
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Hi everyone, trying to make sure the rep at the store was correct. I am looking into buying a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Prepaid for t-mobile. It was on sale on Sunday and today shot up by 30 bucks. The rep at the store told me the Walmart Family Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Prepaid is the exact same phone, same bands etc as the tmobile just a different box. He said I could buy that phone and just put in my new sim card and it would work just like the tmobile version.

Doesn't the phone need to be unlocked?
Anyone have any idea?
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Walmart Family Phone Brand New Will Work with T-Mobile Sim Card

Picked up a brand new Samsung Galaxy Prime at Walmart, put in a t-mobile sim card and everything is working flawlessly. Just as a future reference to others.
Too bad I didn't see this thread sooner. I also bought the same phone, & it worked with no problem. I however had to replace it, just because it didn't have enough internal memory for the apps I need to run. Even after inserting a micro SD card in the phone, the apps don't completely off-load to the memory card. Otherwise, I would have kept it. I switched to postpaid Simple Choice, just to get my phone financed. I had to settle for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (wasn't told it was the plus version, & can't find a case so easily), due to no Galaxy S7 edge phones being in stock. My original choice, plus the phone I went with have 32GB of internal memory, while the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime has only 8GB of internal memory. My Samsung Galaxy Avant has 16GB of internal memory, & never even got close to running out of memory for the same apps on the phone.