Wand Company Star Trek Bluetooth communicator

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Jul 26, 2017
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Does anyone here have one of these Star Trek replica communicators?

They use Bluetooth to connect to a cellphone to answer or make calls and a few other things.

They mentioned iPhone and Siri compatibility but I don't know if it's good for Android and Google Assistant. It has a recharging stand.

While the price is steep at around $200 it's interesting for anyone who collects Trek paraphernalia.

I've never paid that much for any of my cellphones but it'd be cool to have. It'd make answering the phone fun again.

There are other much cheaper replicas that cost around $10-$20. Those don't work on Bluetooth and some are just kits that have to be put together but with no electronic functions or lights. There is a smaller scale one that does have lights and makes noises.

I used to have a cheap Samsung flip on AT&T and it had Classic Trek ringtones and alerts. It was fun to have those go off in the grocery store. #Uhura calling Kirk to bridge.# It works with a flip but somehow not a smartphone.

I guess I'm silly but I just love that sort of stuff.

Is it ok to post the YouTube link to the BT communicator?


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Throwback to the '60s. Kind of interesting from a Sci-FI nerd perspective but far too expensive and not very practical today.

I see no issue with the post in the forum it was posted in. Not really SPAM from this moderator's point of view.
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Throwback to the '60s. Kind of interesting from a Sci-FI nerd perspective but far too expensive and not very practical today.

I see no issue with the post in the forum it was posted in. Not really SPAM from this moderator's point of view.
Thanks for the feedback. I figured since it could be used as a Bluetooth handset linked to a cell phone it was okay to post about it in the cell phone forum. I was just a little worried about adding the YouTube link.

It is a bit pricey but I think it is really cool. I used to watch Classic Star Trek when I was a kid and I still watch it in the reruns.


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I decided that it'd be fun to put the TOS communicator sounds on my flip phones. I sent the alerts over by Bluetooth and was able to set them as the ringtone.

With matching Star Trek wallpaper on the phones, works great and it's a lot cheaper than buying a Bluetooth communicator for the time being.

Now to get a case for the flips that look like the old Star Trek communicator.

The flips I installed the ringtones on are the Alcatel AT&T smart flip, Alcatel A405DL, and ZTE Z353VL which is a combo touch screen and physical keyboard flip that I can't activate on TracFone anymore. It runs Android OS 5.1.1 and can do Google Voice. So I can still use it for receiving and making phone calls and text messages over Wi-Fi.

Why anyone would care what I did with the flips would depend on how much they're interested in Star Trek. Maybe they have an old flip phone they'd like to convert to a communicator.

They can get the ringtones on Google Play for free and Bluetooth them to their flip phones since naturally they can't download Google Play apps. My ZTE flip can but it only has 8gb memory and it takes up less space just to Bluetooth the files I want instead of downloading the whole app.


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To add to this thread, I came across a YouTube video where the person said that they took a communicator model and with a little electrical know-how was able to insert Bluetooth functions so that he could speak over the phone using the communicator.

There are communicator models that people are selling that don't have any electrical innards, they're 3d printed off of a printer. They're sold as kits that have to be put together just like a model kit and painted.

They're much cheaper than the working Wand Company model, I've seen them for $20 and up depending on whether they're pre assembled or kit.

A person with electronic know how could do it themselves for a fraction of the price, and they could even gut a flip phone and put the innards into the communicator model.

I'm sure the how to instructions for that are somewhere online probably on YouTube. If I find a link to it one of these days when I'm over there I'll post it. But anyone interested can look up Star Trek communicators and look through the videos to see what's out there.

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I saw a YouTube video for installing a Star Trek communicator app but it was a pretty old video. Ten years. However,



The person had inserted a small smartphone of the era into a TOS communicator model and was using it with the communicator app. The communicator cover would appear to flip so the control panel could be accessed. Calls and other phone operations were possible directly on the communicator/phone.

A comment made on the video indicates that the app was cracked down on and removed, but that it still is available with careful search.

I couldn't find it on Google Play, but found it with a GooGoo search. Here's the result (it may be Android not iPhone):


I haven't installed it on any of my phones yet. Tried to install an app from that source and a message popped saying it wasn't allowed for security purposes. I could bypass it, but wasn't sure I should.

Does anyone know if installing apk apps is generally safe?

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This is the communicator with small cellphone installed.


I can't think what currently working phone would be small enough to fit. Samsung J3 Luna Pro?

Maybe if a person has an older phone small enough, but not able to be activated, it could still work as a phone using Google Voice over WiFi or a phone & messaging app that works over WiFi like Text Now.

Sure, it's not for everyday use but for a Trek fan, a fun gizmo for novelty or occasional use such as cosplay, re-enactment games.

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Here's a Star Trek cell theme that can actually be gotten on Google Play. I haven' tried it but I did install the free Star Trek sounds.


Lots of fun Star Trek stuff out there. Even found a YouTube TOS Star Trek bridge "ambience" video that's of the bridge sounds for people who need the experience. I guess it could go with the bridge wallpaper I saw when I was Google browsing Trek. Get some lifesize posters of the crew and there you go. Total immersion.

8 hours of this and you're one of the crew.


It might be like being aboard the Enterprise on one of the episodes where it appeared to be empty. Wink of An Eye was when Kirk was speeded up and everyone else was standing still. But there was another episode when a false Enterprise was created and Kirk thought he was on the ship. I think it was Mark of Gideon.

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