Wanted: old $25 monthly Mobilicity plan


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Jan 16, 2011
I'm looking for the recent Chatr plan shown below which was offered to Mobilicity customers. I don't mind the 3G data speed since I'd just be using it for checking scores and FB Messaging. If you're upgrading your plan, here's a great way to make yourself some cash at the same time. Or, I'd be willing to trade my grandfathered Freedom/wind pay as you go plan with a $5 Canada/US unlimited texting add on. To keep the service active you need to add $40 every 6 months to your account. It has free incoming calls and outgoing calls to Canada/US is 20 cents per minute (I use Google Hangouts for free wifi outgoing calls which displays your own phone number). If you have a dual SIM phone, you can combine this with the Fido $15/3GB data plan.

I have one but for 35 $ monthly with North America calling.

Thanks for the offer but I just need the province calling that comes with the $25 plan.

If I didn't recently purchase an iPhone 8, I would've just bought a dual sim phone instead and combine this Freedom plan with the Fido $15/3gb plan. I'd only pay $6.67(top up $40 every six months) +$15= $21.67 per month in total for unlimited incoming call, unlimited texting, unlimited outgoing call using wifi or data, and 3gb of LTE data.