water damage?


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Aug 23, 2007
i have the razr2, and i barely got my phone wet.
and the screen is going blank

i dont have insurance but the phone is still under the 1 year warranty (obviously since the phone hasnt been out for a year)
i was wondering if there is anything i can do..
how red does that sticker on the back have to be that your cant return it for another for free?
barely smeared or completely red? or in between

i will take a picture of the sticker as soon as i get my hands on it, my dad took it away from me
and is it possible to switch the little sticker, or can that not happen? haha

and if you think im just flat out f-ed, do you know where i can get a cheap phone without a plan? haha
if its even partially red, they will know that it has come into contact with water. Switching the sticker is illegal. If caught, you can be charged. Taking the phone in because you got it wet for a replacement is also wrong, and I doubt they'd give you once since the sticker is the first thing any carrier looks at when looking at a phone.

eBay would be your best bet.
You should of not turned the phone on and let it dry out my sister dropped her razr in the tub let it dry out a week and it works fine without a problem try letting it dry out.
how long has it been out of the water? I droped my razor2 in some water for a second, poped the battery off, let it dry out overnight and it was fine. I took the case apart and put an old 12v pc fan on it.

If it is already broken, you have nothing to lose by trying to fix it.

From your description, it sounds like just the screen is dead, but the phone still turns on? If so try this:

If the it isnt already broken, this most likely is the backlight shorting out from water that is still in there. The more you play with it while it is wet, the greater the chance of it breaking. If you are not afraid, try peeling off the inner lcd cover to let some air in there. It is just a flexible piece of plastic, pry it with something up by the earpiece to get it started, then just peel it back with your hand. Let is sit for a few hours like that, then try it again. If the screen is still dead, and you are really bold, try reseating the lcd connectors on the wiring harness which is underneath the silver hinge, directly behind the camera.

Good Luck!
yea your pretty much SOL on getting it replaced by verzion since you got it wet. Even if the sticker turns slightly red they know water has been there. Also it does take a decent amount of water to do that so i'm guessing it got more than a little wet.
okay thanks for the suggestions..
it was about a week ago, but i was on vacation, so i didnt bother with it

it really was a little bit of water tho..
i was running in my swim trunks (along the water edge) then i decided to go into the water up to my knees.. and i had it in the cargo pocket.. it was laying on its side.. i would say only about 1/12 of the phone got wet..

i think the main problem is that it was salt water..
i have been pushed in a pool with my old phone and i was able to save it by immediately taking out the battery and blow drying the phone.. and then putting the phone in a bag of rice overnight..

i took the battery out and let it dry out overnight.. but it didnt do much..
i think the salt in the water did extra damage

the phone is still able to call people but
im switching back to my old phone for now.. so i will try what you said trent..
the phone is dead to me anyways (unless fixed).. i cant use any of the special features so my other phone can at least call and text
Unfortunately, salt water is especially corrosive to the components inside of a phone. It may be the same. But, you can get some parts for it from this site: http://cnn.cn/shop/motorola-razr2-v9v9m-c-22_405.html

But as of right now, they don't have what you need. You can always have motorola service it too, but I am unsure how much that costs. Also, sometimes, if you take the phone in to a VZW store, they *may* let you purchase a refurb v9m for $50. Some stores are nice and will do this, others will say too bad. But, it is something to look into. I don't believe that you trade them your phone, I think that you just pay the $50 and they will give you a refurb and activate it for you, that is, if they have refurbs for it yet.
If the phone is still calling people, just get a donor phone off ebay and swap the main boards out.

There are pics of me doing this on my phone in that link. I picked up a still in plastic sprint phone w/o main board for 50 bucks. A bad esn phone from any carrier is all you need, They sell for ~$100ish.

Good Luck.